BNN Campaigner

What is BNN Campaigner?

BNN Campaigner leverages the largest local news network in the world to expose and promote campaigns for social good.

What do we do?

The Breaking News Network (, and its affiliated networks covering local topical news, can amplify campaigns nationally across over 400 city news feeds, and create social engagement that no other national media network can do. Our campaign aren’t positioned as advertising. We optimize messaging, often as compelling “breaking news”, for virality in order to achieve engagement. The syndication effect is tantamount to one daily “Thunderclap” that harnesses hundreds of trusted local news feeds, many of which have been followed by local readers for over six years.

Messaging as breaking news is not only more credible to readers, but is more cost efficient

Media Impact

Our campaigns have documented the following metrics over one month based on one daily post across our news networks:

  • Social reach: ~24,000,000
  • Twitter impressions: ~1,000,000–1,200,000
  • Engagement rates on Twitter: ~20,000–25,000
  • Clickthrough rates on Facebook: ~5,000

Examples of Media Impact

Amplification of one tweet by @RAN, the Rainforest Action Network, by the BNN, and affiliate networks CHNG News, the social impact news network, and CLMT News, the climate change news network, yields over 500 RTs and 100 likes. The total social reach of this amplification is over 600,000.

@RaceMovie amplified by BNN, BLCK (Black News Network) and CHNG (Change News Network for Social Impact) yields 640 RTs and 222 likes (as of 2/18/16 10:00am)

About The Breaking News Network

Our news feeds contribute about 100,000 local articles per week, averaging 20+ million impressions and clickthrough engagement of over 600,000 every week. All news is consumed at the local level, a media segment untouched by national news networks and publishers because it takes so much extra effort to build local traction.

PR Agencies

Yes, we collaborate with agencies to develop massive marketing and cause related campaigns.

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