10 Reasons Why I Write Everything as a List

Everything I write starts as a list

Image Source: richylee.com
  1. I love making lists and I make lots of them almost every day— to do, bucket, checklists, shoppinglists, wishlists, readinglists… the list goes on :P
  2. Lists help me organize my thoughts and ideas better
  3. They’re easier to write, read and remember
  4. Lists ensure every point, argument, angle etc. gets covered
  5. They’re my procrastination medicine. If I don’t complete a day’s task I append it to the next day’s to do list and the growing number in the list pushes me get things done.
  6. Lists make me feel better
  7. They reduce stress
  8. A goal without a plan is just a wish. A plan in the form of a list feels more attainable, finite and unambiguous.
  9. I prefer reading lists on the web
  10. On the web, lists ensure that your stuff gets read. The number in the title is probably why you’re reading this in the first place.