Listen to Science Backed Music to Improve Concentration

Focus@will (available for the web, iOS and Android) streams neuroscience based music to help you concentrate and be more productive while studying or working. Supposedly, it also increases your attention span so that you can work on something for more than 100 minutes at a stretch.

A lot of people like to listen to music while working to try and shut out the surroundings and focus better. However, more often than not, your attention ends up being pulled away to the piece of music you are listening.

Personally, I have never been able to concentrate while listening to music; or even while not listening to music. It takes me a lot of self control to keep doing one thing for more than 15 minutes at a stretch.

When I tried out Focus@Will the results were amazing and a little enigmatic.

An Experiment

A team of scientists and UCLA researchers decided to use music as a way to help people zone out of distractions since a lot of people already listen to music while working or studying.

The science seems solid and the music starts to have a hypnotic effect on you after some time.

I decided to test it out myself because, as I’ve said before, I cannot do the same thing for more than 15 mninutes.

You can sign up at Focus@Will with Google, Facebook or email. The dashboard doesn’t offer any search features, or anything else beyond a drop-down menu for genres, a play button, skip button and volume control. You can choose from Classical, Focus Spa, Up Tempo, Alpha Chill, Acoustical, Jazz, Cinematic or Ambient.

I started writing this post as the soothing tunes of Focus Spa played in my ears. I thought it’ll put me to sleep but as the writing progressed, I wasn’t actively listening to the music and was only remotely aware of it as if it was playing in the background.

If this app was able to get me to concentrate (felt like a trance really) it will definitely help a lot of people to boost their productivity by enhancing their concentration skills.

Areas of Improvement

I’m not sure if they forgot to put a pause button or if its missing by design, but I would appreciate it if they provide one. They have play, stop and skip buttons. I guess they’re trying to say “No pausing, no breaks!” but what if I have to pee? You can use the stop button but when you play it again it starts from the beginning.

You can get a pro account for 13 cents a day but the features don’t feel very pro. Like, what would I do with recently heard artist history? The productivity tracker and some other pro features sound alright but I’d rather pay a one time fee for the site and the mobile apps.

I suppose, 95% people will be more than satisfied with just the free version unless they add that ‘pause’ button in the pro version in which case I’ll be their first Pro customer!

To Summarize

Focus@will is a free music streaming service that uses neuroscience and the magic of music to make you concentrate on your studies or work! This helps boost your productivity and you also retain more information. So go ahead and give it a shot.

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