A Solution to Workforce Housing in Reno: Flexible Short Term Rentals with PKL Homes

Vibrance by PKL Homes, a workforce rental secured by Ames Construction

So when construction crews move into the area to build much-needed housing, where do they live? How do they find flexible short term housing that can accommodate scope creep and project delays?

When corporations relocate to Reno and need to find luxury temporary housing for C-suite executives and project managers who are in the area to lead change management and enterprise relocation, who understands their unique needs?

PKL Homes caters to these needs.

Flexible Workforce Rentals vs Vacation Rentals / Extended Stay Hotels

“I’m a Project Manager for a Construction company that travels a lot and we’re always looking for company housing. When we came to Reno, housing was hard to find because nobody wants to do short term leases. Yeves and his staff have been great. They have gone above and beyond for us and made some changes within to accommodate us. I highly recommend PKL Homes for company housing or housing in general.”

Johnny Williams, project manager of RC Strong Construction

Prosperity By PKL Homes, a workforce rental in Reno secured by RC Strong Construction
Kitchen inside Excellence By PKL Homes (Kitchen) at Workforce Rental Row in Reno
Perseverance By PKL Homes, a workforce rental home in Sparks



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