A Solution to Workforce Housing in Reno: Flexible Short Term Rentals with PKL Homes

Reno, Nevada’s rapid expansion means construction projects and corporate relocation, but less housing for the workforce making it happen

Vibrance by PKL Homes, a workforce rental secured by Ames Construction

Reno, NV has been on a streak of rapid growth in both population and employment for years, and recent post-COVID trends of urban dwellers migrating from high-density regions like the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles to smaller cities has only fueled it further. Northern Nevada’s population is expected to grow 8.6% by 2023, or an additional 54,000 people. Initiatives by City of Reno government and Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) to diversify the region’s economy beyond its traditional staples of gaming and mining have seen a spike in corporate relocations of large companies such as Mary Kay — many leaving California’s warm, balmy climate for Nevada’s friendlier business climate, already home to campuses of Tesla, Switch, Google, and Apple.

It doesn’t hurt that Reno has 252 sunny days per year, comparable to California. ☀️

However, with this growth, the housing market has had difficulty maintaining affordable and accessible inventory for the boom in residents. Apartments aren’t going up fast enough. Even during the pandemic related recession, single family homes have hit new record median sales prices.

So when construction crews move into the area to build much-needed housing, where do they live? How do they find flexible short term housing that can accommodate scope creep and project delays?

When corporations relocate to Reno and need to find luxury temporary housing for C-suite executives and project managers who are in the area to lead change management and enterprise relocation, who understands their unique needs?

PKL Homes caters to these needs.

Flexible Workforce Rentals vs Vacation Rentals / Extended Stay Hotels

So what’s different about flexible, custom workforce rentals versus putting up project crews in extended stay hotels, or putting executives in vacation rentals through AirBnB?

“I’m a Project Manager for a Construction company that travels a lot and we’re always looking for company housing. When we came to Reno, housing was hard to find because nobody wants to do short term leases. Yeves and his staff have been great. They have gone above and beyond for us and made some changes within to accommodate us. I highly recommend PKL Homes for company housing or housing in general.”

Johnny Williams, project manager of RC Strong Construction

Prosperity By PKL Homes, a workforce rental in Reno secured by RC Strong Construction

Extend Without Holiday Price Increases

Projects seldom adhere to their original schedules. Unforeseen delays are frequent and unpredictable. Short term rentals are not flexible with start and end dates after a lease is signed. AirBnB is actively advertising your space to new visitors starting the day after your stated end date, so if you need to extend, you may not have the option. PKL Homes understands the nature of long term projects and offers flexibility to accommodate these changes — your space will not be advertised again until it’s no longer needed and fully unoccupied.

Ability to Customize Bed Sizes

When team members will be living in a temporary space for a long period of time, feeling the comfort of home is essential to high performance. Many vacation rentals available on AirBnB cut corners or pack in more guests by using small beds in multiple bedrooms. PKL Homes will accommodate any requests for larger or different style beds.

Kitchen inside Excellence By PKL Homes (Kitchen) at Workforce Rental Row in Reno

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Construction crews who are often housed in hotels require extra budget for meal stipends — enough for them to eat at restaurants for every meal since they don’t have access to a kitchen. Companies can save a significant amount of money by choosing housing that includes a kitchen so that team members don’t have to eat out all the time. Tiny bathrooms are fine for a short stay for work, but when it’s home for several months, a real bathroom makes a big difference in comfort. PKL Homes understands these needs and offers properties with full size kitchens and bathrooms.

Extra Level Sanitizing and Resort Style Cleaning

In a world still coping with coronavirus, cleaning and sanitizing is more important than ever. PKL Homes uses state-of-the-art sanitizing practices to ensure that its beautiful and comfortable housing is completely safe and clean, so that executives and team members can relax while at home, recharging in confidence to be more productive at work.

Perseverance By PKL Homes, a workforce rental home in Sparks

Don’t waste extra money on pricey extended stay hotels and meal vouchers for large construction crews.

Don’t put your executives in short term housing of questionable quality.

Avoid penalties and fees when project schedules change.

Learn more about PKL Homes and how they offer a better solution for short term workforce housing rentals by calling 775–525–8132, emailing yeves@pklhomes.net or visiting their website.

PKL Homes specializes in unique, flexible short term rentals for project-based workforce housing and temporary executive housing.

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