This is the Reason Interrupting is Sexist
Rachel Thompson

Rachel, another good article.

Interrupting can be merely tactical, a mild form of verbal violence, used as an instrument to change a situation or assert control. I’ve been in advocacy situations where it was important to break through. Interrupting wss the first step in asserting a position. It didn’t mean anything more than that.

When I’m not paying attention to myself in social situations I sometimes fail to listen as well as I might and I interrupt or don’t stop talking. Fortunately, my wife is often there to remind me it’s better not to act like such a jerk.

Is it sexist to interrupt? I’d say interrupting is conduct that can mean something. You may need to judge the person’s conduct over time to figure out just what.

Sometimes though, you have to go with what your gut feeling is as you react in context. A key sign of danger, abuse, and exploitation is that feeling of unwanted or unseemly pressure, or of disrespected normal boundaries. It may be an early warning sign of more trouble to follow.

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