Banishing windows

Today was a good day.

Until today, our computer gear all ran reasonable systems, OSX and iOS. Except my wife’s laptop which ran Windows 7. Ran is saying too much, she was never able to connect to our wifi network, among other ridiculous speed bumps.

I had promised to install Linux for a good long time and today was the day. I had dreaded the much-hated and potentially time-consuming work of installing an OS. But guess what, it was super-easy!

I chose the latest Ubuntu LTS (long time support). Ubuntu offers as default two versions, a stable version guaranteed to be supported, you guessed it, a long time. Plus a more bleeding-edge version.

Made a bootable USB stick on my MacBook and stuck the Ubuntu disc image on it. Then booted the windows laptop (Dell Inspiron) choosing the USB stick as a boot option. Then it immediately found my wifi network and connected. The two options this installer offers are: run Ubuntu from the stick or install it on the machine, either alongside windows or wipe the entire drive and do a clean install.

Guess which one I chose? Long story short, it went flawlessly.

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