2 EPIC things Binary Capital is doing well

…bridging between early buzz and enduring success.

I couldn’t have found a better picture to summarise how the core team at Binary Capital are doing 2 EPIC things really well.

  1. Grooming a new tribe of #NEXT-GEN-VCs starting with Tiffany Zhong
  2. Working in the trenches with #FOUNDERS like Evan Spiegel to create companies that have a mission beyond a runaway product like Snapchat

If you’re eager to learn from a 19-year-old VC how she is living, breathing and being a #JuniorVC, read her recent blog “55 things learned as a 19 year old VC”.

If you’ve built a runway product & keen to improve your retention metric and ready to scale, read up on how “Binary Capital backs runaway trains with $175 million new fund”.

And before you decide to reach out to Justin Caldbeck, Jonathan Teo, Tiffany Zhong …please read their Investment thesis.

The Binary Investment Thesis

With fund two, Binary has four core strategies for discovering the next startups it wants to assist.

  1. Diverse Word Of Mouth — The benefit of having a portfolio of young, female, and minority founders is they can unlock access to deals most VCs might not know about.
  2. Data-Driven Prospecting — With more data on downloads, installs, usage, and retention than ever previously available, Binary tries to find products that captivate an early audience but no one else knows are poised for widespread adoption.
  3. Unique Content Types — The Snap, tweet, Medium post, New York Times editorial, novel — each has succeeded by establishing a new channel for exchanging information, and Binary believes great social startups are built by young founders who envision these future formats.
  4. Thematic — Binary identifies a space where they see potential, meet all the related companies, and place a bet. Here are some of the markets Binary is investigating now:
    A. Upward Mobility — Financial, health, and education services for lower-income customers
    B. Open-Sourcing Of Everything — businesses that build or facilitate collaborative infrastructure
    C. Augmented And Virtual Reality — Mediums that align with its ‘new content types’ strategy
    D. Virtual On-Demand Services — Logistics businesses in software, not the physical world
    E. Fresh Interaction Models — Sensor, motion, voice, and gesture-based controls

As for me, I wake up every day inspired to unleash…the #NEXT-GEN-CEOs.

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