Don’t read this post. It’s a waste of time, really…

This is my second post in Apparently no one reads my first awesome and insightful post.

Why are you still reading this? I already told you it’s a waste of time.

Are you looking for something here? I’m very sorry. I have nothing here for you. Seriously.

No, I am not going to tell you how to live your life. I obviously haven’t figured out how to live mine. I scan through many of Medium bloggers (they are bloggers, right?) for some guidance in my life. Some people here write really awesome stuff. Please go help yourself. There’s search function on top in where you can type in whatever you are looking for.

Of course, you can always use Google for those type of answers too. Naturally, you’d get the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) results. Now, please don’t get me wrong, Google is pretty good interest search engine, but it only gives you what most people search for, and click on.

This reminded me of a time I tried to help a kid do a research assignment. That kid gave up when Google did not give the specific results needed for the assignment. I tried to demonstrate that to do an actual research, you’d have to do several clicks deeper. Before Google or even Yahoo came into existence, people used to do real internet surfing. I bet you have no idea what that meant…

Most of you now only go one click deep, perhaps two clicks deep if you are truly desperate for that exclusive information. Talk about being superficial!

Indeed, I fully intent to not give you any answers!

Have a good day!