Destination or Path to Destination ?!?

More often than not I have been asked the question by many. What is more important the DESTINATION or the PATH TO REACH THE DESTINATION ?

Its actually a very interesting question, and the way things are perceived depends on the gap in generations. Our older generation comes from a very conservative background in terms of their working culture the way they are brought up and how they use to perceive their day to day life.But the current generation is an incarnation of IMPATIENCE. Even if our parents have tried their level best to bring us up in the best possible way, the effects have been drastic in many cases.

In today’s competitive world there is absolutely no room for complacency, starting from the day we were born the competition starts, rather right from the moment we won the competition against the thousands of sperms to enter our mother’s womb.during kindergarten there is competition,during schooling there is competition, getting into graduation is competition, getting a job, just about anything and everything is competition today ! And different people have different strategies to win the competition, because the world today believes in SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Its all about how you perceive the way things are to be done ! What is right today might have been wrong yesterday ! Is it wrong to be rich ? I guess not ! But is it wrong to get rich quick ? I guess that depends on the path chosen. Is it wrong to have an urge to be the best may it be in professional or Personal lives ? Well it may not be, but that again depends on the Path chosen to become the Best. We have heard of many people who have taken the path to glory, path towards riches from rags, and after a point of time, they have been hit by a jolt and before they even realize they would be paying the price for the path chosen.

It is actual a very thin line these days between doing things right for success and doing the right things for success, if you miss on the thin line probably you could end up on the loosing side of the battle. And is it really worth ending on the loosing side and even having to pay a price ? Or is it better to stay on the safer side and fight your way to victory.

The DESTINATION might seem to be easier to reach depending on the Path chosen, But if you rather choose the Path to Destination then you would stick around for a longer time, but the process of reaching would be slow. And as the good old saying goes, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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