Develop Safety Culture at Your Workplace

Safety First

They say, it’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s better to prevent accidents and fatalities rather than recovering from the losses occurred because of them. Various companies involving high risk in their tasks put a lot of efforts to make their workplace safe for employees but still miss on many parts. Let’s see what are such points and what you can do to make sure your company doesn’t miss on any such part.

I won’t put safety training video in the list. Because s afety training is the most important part in any organization. While training your employees you should keep in mind that your training will be an integral part of your employees’ routine so, missing on any part of their job while giving training can lead to disaster. According to one research, in Dubai, 25% construction death occurs due to lack of training and 74% of workers believe their training is outdated when they do receive it. Now, that’s a huge number.

So, your company’s always safety training which should be ALWAYS updated shall include below mentioned things

- Interesting format like shot video or 2D-3D animation

- Area of risk

- Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

- Results of ineffective use of PPE

- Recording of accidents (if any)

Apart from compulsory safety training,

1) Provide PPE

Equip your employees with PPE and make sure PPE is used when employees are at work.

2) Experts’ Supervision

38% of construction deaths in Dubai occurred because of poor supervision. So, keep employees under strict supervision at initial stage.

3) Open Doors for Employees

Be open and encourage your employees to discuss their work relates problems.

4) Motivate Employees

When employees put efforts to be cautious and avoid accidents, appreciate them by issuing safety certificate or monetary rewards.

Whether it’s oil & gas company, construction company or any company from any industry, it’s each organization’s primary duty to send back their employees safe. So, develop a safety training video that makes your employees expert from day 1 at their job.

At Studio 52, we are committed to develop safety culture with our shot and 2D-3D animation video. Our teams are trained to shoot at places that involve risk. We have developed safety culture in diverse industries, and are ready to develop the same in your company.

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