This is a picture of my precious baby girl and I. After the whole mom things, as the saying goes, when you have a child, you have both weakness and armor.You can be very soft, you can be very strong to protect the one you love. That’s why I change a lot and try my best to the future I want.The following 4 pictures will show you what I’ve done.
After she came out, I started my plan of lose weight.30% depend on exercises,70% depend on what you eat.
My colleagues, my partners, my team. Do great things together.
Back to university which is one of the best in China. My dream school.
2017 summer, have the chance to come Berkeley. Next stop, a brighter future.

Here’s to the strong women.May you meet them.May you be them. May you raise them. Never stop, always be curious, are the best gifts I can give to my daughter, I hope she can experience the world eagerly, and never stop for the reason for example you get married, you have a baby, who are YOU,is more important.