It’s about learning neither dream nor passion to be successfull.

Have you ever dreamt of something? Definitely you had.

Have you thought what it takes to achieve our dream or goal defined by us? Its not money, neither will power nor hard work. Its about persistance, consistancy and determination.

Doing something is step by step process. When we were at school, our teachers told us to practise as much as you can. The same principle was applied by Thomas Alva Edison on innovating light bulb and this principle applies to our learning as well in every aspect of our lives.

when we try to understand ourselves deeply, our universe seems to be more helpfull in fulfilling our dreams and achieve our objective in life.

When we get tired of something we don’t like to do but external forces tend to do that work. It’s your time to break the barrier that is preventing you from doing things you had ever wanted.

It is always our decision to follow the path we made for ourself or follow the path made by others for you in terms of job or something else in fullfilling the desires of others. But if you follow the path made by others, your instinct will always insist you to move out. But you will be so comfortable with the things that come in handy, you will neglect everything for a paycheck.

If you try to do something, start your own.

Write down the steps about what you want to achieve in short or long term.

Breakdown the steps in smaller chunks or subproblems and make it big further.

If you want to move big in the first step, sorry it’s not going to work.

No matter what you will do, at the end of day you will learn something irrespective of success or failure.

Thank you for your precious time.