The Post-Nuclear World: What led me to file for the patent on augmenting weapons with artificial intelligence

There are evil people everywhere. In my home country of Congo Dr, the evil loot villages, rape women and abduct children. Here, in the United States, the evil wear suits sit behind desks running fraudulent businesses and hide behind law firms. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

I focused on building Artificial Intelligence that could solve people’s most essential needs for healthcare, financial freedom and education. Solutions that are as necessary in first world nations like the United States as well as third world nations. However, when Emogi, a venture backed startup, I had tried to help in good faith viciously turned on me, refused to pay over $10,000 of past due invoices they owed and threatened me with legal action, I realized it’s not enough to try to do good things. It is important to prevent evil from prevailing as well, otherwise evil people will override all attempted good. Evil must be crushed without hesitation. Bad people rely on the goodness in others to let them get away with their misdeeds. They count on it to continue their questionable activities and their delusion of power. Those with good in mind and their hearts must do all they can to prevent this.

As an inventor and founder, my main priority was not about getting the money owed back. It was about figuring out a way I could prevent this from ever happening to anyone else. The thought of something like that happening to someone less fortunate then I’ve been literally kept me up at night. I was also reminded of an early invention I realized was possible and inexpensive with current technology: artificially intelligent weapons that remove the need to aim nor for human operators but could function with superior accuracy. I had decided not to file for a patent for it, not to mention it to anyone and just hope no one else figured out it was possible until I thought of ways it could be tamed. But, I recalled words a mentor once told me “People think the same way, just at different paces” and knew that eventually someone else would stumble upon it too. I couldn’t risk it eventually being owned by dubious people like those I was dealing with at Emogi. People whom with trivial Emoji analysis tech have already been overwhelmed with delusion of power, entitlement to success and loss of respect for others. I was more saddened to find that this was a trend in New York with a reported 70% of freelancers having experienced not receiving payment for work As the period coincided with the Las Vegas shooting, I knew I also couldn’t let society find out this was possible by the actions of an unhinged attacker. To prevent that, officials and policy makers need to know what they are dealing with and make appropriate decisions for our times. Whilst, in the recent Las Vegas incident the shooter fired close to 1,000 bullets but killed 58 , 5.8%. Even with today’s readily available artificial intelligence and the appropriate knowledge, an A.I weapon powered attack that fired 1,000 bullets could have 900+ casualties. Frankly, neither the U.S. nor the world in its current state is ready for that.

I detailed the invention and filed for the patent for it not only to prevent evil from getting its hands on it but also to explore how it can be used safely and for good, to empower and protect those in need because there are places where the technology can have a huge positive impact. In my home country of Congo DR where people in remote places still live in fear of militant groups visiting their homes and the government has limited resources to protect them, this technology could change everything at a fraction of the cost of existing efforts. My life goal has been to positively impact people’s lives. Being able to do something that could potentially drastically change the situation in my birthplace, Congo DR, was just a pipe dream. Now that it’s possible, I cannot let anything stand in my way.

From my teenage years, I was investing all my time, money and other resources into building business and company Expat Inc. I followed every rule, accepted and respected every challenge that came with building the business as a foreigner. And I’ve done so maintaining the appreciation of the opportunity I’ve had to do so as a guest in the country I’ve grown to love. After all, even though my business is creating opportunities in the U.S I am still only a guest. But, I have to draw the line when I see a company like Emogi pervert the freedoms and laws that make the United States such a great country. Accepting to be victimized by such a company would be accepting that we live in a world where no matter how much adversity a child from war torn Congo overcomes he would always have a victim’s role waiting. That’s not something I’m willing to accept. That’s why I have been very careful about what investors I allow in my company and which people I work with. And, I will continue to protect myself and anyone else from having to live in a world of injustice.

For obvious reasons, I’m not linking to the patent application.