When young love isn’t so sweet

Kissing Booth 2 (Credit Netflix)

Content Warning: Article contains mentionings, descriptions, and discussion of emotional abuse and mental illness. Read at your pace.

Before I begin, I’d like to clear the air- I am not a fan of teenage rom-com sappy flicks. But on the off chance that I’ve got nothing to do on a Friday night, I’ll plop down on the couch and watch a few. This leads me to how I stumbled across “Kissing Booth 2”.

Granted, while I’ve seen the original, I wasn’t expecting a part two, considering how surface level the first one was. Yet here we are, and while the…

Because like prejudice, fatphobia occurs in many forms as well

They always say that actions speak louder than words, and in America’s Got Talent (AGT) recent episode, we saw that sentiment play out in front of millions.

The episode in question is one where judge Heidi Klum, presses her buzzer in the middle of a dancer’s audition performance. And while her comments afterward didn’t help her case, many have gone onto attack the German model for ‘fat-shaming’ the contestant in question.

On the other hand, skeptics rolled their eyes online and claimed that Klum never called the contestant ‘fat,’ nor did she reject her for her weight, but rather her…

What it means to be American during a time of crisis

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

When Ahmaud Arbery’s casual jog turned into a gruesome tragedy, the country shook its heads in disbelief. Mr.Arbery, 25 years old, was jogging outside his Georgia home when two armed white men shot him dead after pursuing him in a white pick up truck.

While the two men, Gregory and Travis McMichael, respectively, suspected that Arbery was part of a recent series of break-ins, as the case unfolded, Arbery’s true crime had slowly revealed itself.

He was black.

However, while many were astonished by such a blatant act of racism, Jordyn Allen, a student at Howard University (A historically black…

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

With over 500,000 infected cases and nearly 20,000 casualties and counting, COVID-19 (otherwise known as ‘The Coronavirus’) is becoming more infectious with the passing day.

However, as viral panic for the disease continues to spread, there is another pathogen in the air. A pathogen so deadly that its effects on global society could last for years, if not decades.

It’s time to get our gambling freak on

Pic credit: MAPPA

Hunger is a natural instinct. It’s beyond a feeling or stimuli the body experiences when it lacks nourishment. No, hunger transcends everything we come into contact with. At least that was what I learned from my recent experiment.

Quarantine for the past couple of months has impacted everyone differently, with some basking in their inner-sloth, and others are falling into a pit of emotional despair. But one thing everyone has experienced is a sense of insatiable gluttony.

We, as a society have become restless for human interaction to be entertained. After the initial shock of the world being put on…

Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Queens, New York, in October 2019. (Bauzen / Getty)

It was around 8 p.m. when it struck me. I was sitting with my mom at an Outback and was lazily scrolling through my Instagram feed. It wasn’t until I came across yet another wave of Bernie Sanders related media. From how he was a social activist since his late twenties to how anyone who dared to vote for Joe was a ‘party traitor.’ While this should have struck me earlier, it didn’t. In fact, it was only when I came across an article by my school’s newspaper that it caused me to ask the question.

The article demonized Sanders…

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

In a region plagued by government corruption and rampant economic woes, Chile was supposed to be the exception. Yet alas, it seems as though through a series of events that the tranquil nation has officially turned.

What originally started from a minor 4 cent price increase for public transportation fares has escalated into a nationwide anti-government movement, with even highly regarded public officials endorsing their support via social media.

NPR found in a recent report how, when over 1 million Chileans went to protest in Santiago, the city’s mayor, Karla Rubilar, coined it the birth of the “New Chilean Dream.”

The Joker is more than just your typical comic book character. He is an icon. For some, he’s a distant allegory representing the ire and consequence of society. For others, he’s the embodiment of villainy and pure wickedness, which explains why he’s called The Clown Prince of Crime.

And of course, with the recent release of the new movie, Joker, DC fans and moviegoers alike are going nuts with fanfare. Nevertheless, when comes one spectacular performance of such a widely known role, a comparison is never too far behind it.

Heath Ledger’s 2008 performance as the Joker in The Dark…

By Juliette Reyes

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!” Echoed sharply out of Marie Antoinette’s velvet red lips.The year was 1789, and as some historians argue, it was after hearing the news that peasant mothers in the rural farmlands of France were struggling to feed their children, that the then French Queen said the iconic phrase “Let them eat cake”. Although Marie Antoinette will go down in French history as their most spoiled and apathetic ruler, it seems as though France’s current leader has yet to learn from the past. According to the World Politics Review last September, French President Emmanuel…

Disclaimer:All Photo credit goes to the original creator and producer

By Juliette Reyes

“Why are you so tense?” My teammate asked tiredly, while waiting with me in line at the baggage check that Thursday evening. I looked at him dumbfounded, in my mind I had every reason in the world to be ‘tense’.

Here we were, standing in the middle of an airport(late), getting ready to be whisked away to Harvard University for one of the most stressful and difficult debate tournaments of our lives…and he expected me to be anything but ‘tense’. …

Juliette Reyes

Debater, writer, student, and child at heart.

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