A Thrilling Conclusion to an Outback Adventure

Kym and Brad have made it to the Sunshine Coast in one piece after their thrilling journey across the Australian outback. PLAAK were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor the two drivers as they trekked from Adelaide to Queensland in order to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Power Community Ltd.

Car 777 alongside the Royal Flying Doctor Service jet.

Their journey however, was not without some challenges, with the drivers forced to navigate through difficult hurdles until they reached their goal. On the very first day, the team hit a patch of mud in a control section. Losing control of their vehicle, they hit a tree, resulting in some damage to their bumper, guard and a headlight. Luckily for Kym and Brad, Kym’s brother lives on about an hour’s drive from the night’s rest stop and was able to supply a new headlight before the drive began the next day.

Car 777’s damages

On day four, the team blew both of their front tyres and were dealing with some bad fuel and blocked fuel filters. During the fifth day as they were waiting to get back on the road, their thermostat spontaneously stopped working, preventing them from starting for another hour. To make matters worse, they lost a blade from the fan in the morning but were able to replace it with a quickly wired-up electric one.

Thank goodness these guys are handy.

Day five wasn’t finished with its setbacks however, as they team also blew a front shock absorber. In true Oz Outback Rally fashion, the other teams were more than happy to help and together they managed to swap it out.

On day seven they popped another tyre. Luckily Kym had re-stocked his spares as he had used the two original ones during the fourth day.

All up the Oz Outback Odyssey was a complete success, with the event managing to raise a total of $153,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and $15,000 for the Port Community Youth Program. PLAAK is thrilled to have sponsored both Kym and Brad, and to be involved in such a positive event for the good of Australia.


-Wilson Bell

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