PLAAK & ColossusXT Partnership Puts The Core Card In The Spotlight

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The PLAAK and ColossusXT teams reached common ground on bringing COLX to a hardware wallet card with leading security and ease of use personified. It’s not about headlines, it’s about ridding headaches by a PLAAK supplied product with specs on par to the ColossusXT technological discipline and features to match their pragmatic approach.

In Q2 this year, ColossusXT get to place a checkmark on their roadmap way ahead its estimate time. Acquiring the worlds first fingerprint activated crypto hardware wallet, they hint that new, open source projects are a for-profit venture if done right. It’s worthwhile to point out every COLX holder can actively participate in deciding on the projects budgeting.

With PLAAK as an accomplice, the convenient card form factor isn’t the only feature factoring in for the decision. Boding well with the project’s focus on cryptography, both the RFID and Bluetooth chipset use encryption and are EAL certification recipients. The new breed of wallet covers both bases as it is not only a secure digital wallet, but it enables users to transact their stored assets on-the-go — a feature that existing USB wallets have failed to incorporate. This encourages a wider spread adoption of the technology in ways that we have yet to experience.

Privacy and decentralisation are what the PLAAK Core App and COLX have in common. No user data or assets stay kept in a central storage point nor available to the card provider. The only thing you can track is your balance and battery status through the card’s display, where the consensus is that innovative design is intuitively recognisable.

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With biometrics and password-less authentication, there’s no chance of losing account access or the full cold storage balance and through the Core App, only the rightful owner can retrieve data. PLAAK developed what ColossusXT recognise as a real wallet of the future where one can transfer as much as they need when they need it. It’s best practice with fiat money and the hardware wallet card presents a substitute through the exchange linked App.

While by no means obligatory, the exchange platform transforms the hardware wallet into a device compatible with any digital point of sale device supporting both fiat and cryptocurrency. The dedicated coin economics approach of both projects enable them to get an early start for their currency usage in retail shops for TAP payments, peer to peer swaps and trading on the go.

Funds are convertible automatically for all fiat pairings, wherever payments in crypto are unsupported. It offers a free motion to the digital asset holder, as they can make use of it during travel to withdraw in AU and US dollars. The storage device outperforms any credit card by the blockchain driven PLAAK Exchange and its low trading costs, with transaction fees 30 times lower.

Both projects worked their way through the cryptocurrency recession period. Completing their applicable projects amidst, they get to see their vision through as a part of the blockchain technology revival. Making up for all sacrifices, the unique solutions are what PLAAK and ColossusXT have in common. Dedication and finesse enable technology to materialise and capture the eyes of the public.

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