PLAAK & EOSphere M.O.U for Raising Awareness & #massadoption

PLAAK Official
Jan 17 · 2 min read

Somewhere amid January, PLAAK and EOSphere opened talks on a Memorandum of Understanding in conjunction with EOS, to the interest of the entirety of crypto communities, by bringing what each of us has to offer into focus and close in on a shared pursuit. We aim for the collaboration to last, to continue raising awareness of the technological advancements of both companies which will come of help to make uprooting obsolete solutions easier.

By introducing EOSphere, a hallmark name, in cooperation with PLAAK, both committed to #massadoption through their niche products, blockchain technology presents itself as the most approachable type of business. With each community in plain sight to the other, there are plenty of opportunities to explore, and the names carry the weight to lift a burden off of your shoulders.

Acceptance of cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology behind it, can only start from within blockchain networks for the companies to surface as the leaders in innovation that they are. With each new associated project engaged, that makes the common goal a priority, we gain ground on #massadoption.


PLAAK have an Ecosystem of interconnected Apps, aimed at sharing the benefits of blockchain to make it part of people’s daily routine. They offer the PLAAK Core Card, an Exchange platform, all accessible through the Core App and featuring biometric support for enhanced security. Then there’s Phaeton, a fast, robust DPoS governed blockchain which supports decentralised, inter-operable side chains.

For more information about PLAAK click HERE

About EOSphere

EOSphere’s core responsibilities to the EOS community is to help govern and manage the EOS.IO blockchain. They effectively provide the block producer services required to support thousands of commercial-scale DApps. Providing an agile enterprise scale infrastructure solution and a mature operational structure to monitor, maintain and manage that infrastructure. Professional integrity, transparency, commitment, cooperation and independence are all characteristics that the EOS community can expect from EOSphere.

They believe their proven experience will inspire confidence in EOS stakeholders, DApp developers and EOS based blockchain businesses for the operation and governance of the EOS.IO blockchain while supporting their region as a global member of the EOS community.

Although based in Australia, they aim to serve the entire EOSphere!

For more information on EOSphere click HERE

PLAAK Official

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PLAAK incorporates the best of blockchain technology in easy-to-use applications. Our Exchange is LIVE! Head to to register.

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