PLAAK Exchange on the Hunt

The PLAAK exchange is locked and loaded, with traders aplenty eager to sign-up early and get in on the action. But why PLAAK? What is it that makes the PLAAK exchange so enticing to the crypto community?

The cryptocurrency game, at this infant stage, involves a lot of uncharted waters making it hard for traders to navigate their way around. This is where PLAAK comes in. We have made a concerted effort to ensure that every token that is available for trade on our exchange is legitimate, trustworthy, and ideally local.

Of course, we have the classics like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but we also incorporate some of the best new coins on the market in order to enhance the user experience. Our exchange boasts the likes of SAFEX, one of the most exciting coins in the global market, as well as Skycoin, picked as one of the top five cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018. We have also recently announced the inclusion of VDG, dedicated to a decentralised grid platform catering to the privacy of its users.

What these cryptocurrencies have in common is a sense of legitimacy. These guys mean business, and quite frankly, so do we. users are comforted by the idea that we have no time for any currencies that are not committed to the mission of a decentralised financial system with a major emphasis on security and privacy. We want nothing but the best and are on the hunt for some of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies entering the market. We want our community to continue to grow and welcome all legitimate new coins into our exchange.

If you are a crypto trader and want a secure exchange to help shape the future of finance, then PLAAK is calling your name.

If you are an owner of a cryptocurrency and believe that your coin fulfils our criteria, we encourage you to get in contact and get your currency listed on the PLAAK Exchange.

By Wilson Bell

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