PLAAK Integrating Bancor Protocol to Provide Continuous Token Liquidity for Australia’s Best Decentralised Exchange

PLAAK’s ecosystem, a new platform that will change lives by providing blockchain solutions to industry problems, has announced its integration of the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for its exchange to be launched next month.

By integrating the Bancor Protocol, PLAAK users will gain invaluable access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings, allowing them to instantly convert integrated tokens in the Bancor Network directly from the Bancor Wallet or any Web3 wallet such as MetaMask. Currently integrated tokens include ETH (Ethereum), EOS, and over 80 other tokens, plus a long list of announced projects soon to go live.

“Integrating the Bancor Protocol is a logical and sensible step to provide our growing community with an easy way to convert tokens on our exchange platform,” said Chai Shepherd, Co-founder of PLAAK. “We want our platform to be user-friendly as well as revolutionary.”

PLAAK will activate a Relay Token with 5% of its circulating token supply within 48 hours following the successful completion of the Token Sale. Users will be able to buy and sell PLK tokens directly from the Bancor Wallet or any Web3 wallet at a formulaically calculated price.


PLAAK is building a digital ecosystem and is in essence expanding the Ethereum real-world application infrastructure. PLAAK is implementing a microcosm of different blockchain solutions to empower people within one trusted, integrated, simple and secure platform.

PLAAK’s exchange and wallets will kick-start and be the foundation for the ecosystem, providing a decentralized platform for both beginner and expert traders. The exchange takes the best features of other exchanges and puts them in one place. Some of these general features include fiat capability, multiple coins, fast transaction times, low fees and high security.

The ecosystem will also include an investments app, freelance app and health app which will be launched after the exchange. The ecosystem is simple to use with authentication and authorization across all apps intrinsically woven into a single login. For more information join PLAAK’s Telegram group or visit PLAAK’s website.

About Bancor

Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens™, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all integrated tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity networks, allowing user-generated cryptocurrencies to thrive. To convert tokens instantly, visit the ​Bancor Web App​ or join the ​Bancor Telegram group​ for more information.