We Did It

More often than not, companies specialising in Blockchain technology do not get past the initial coin offering (ICO) stage. Here at PLAAK, we are proud to say that we have broken through the crowd, offering a fully-fledged exchange service that is open for business. Traders using the PLAAK exchange (plaak.io) have eleven coins at their disposal, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Safex and of course, PLAAK (PLK) tokens. We are incredibly proud to offer an exchange that includes our very own coin — a feat not often seen in the world of crypto trading.

Our exchange is only just beginning, with two to three coins added every week and KYC verification preparing to drop by the beginning of September.

PLAAK was founded at the back end of 2016, originating as an idea between our co-founders Chai Shepherd and Damian Robson in Perth, Western Australia. Soon after, the company entered the research and analysis phase, resulting in a marketing website and the original development of our services by the third quarter of 2017. By March 2018, PLAAK had launched its pre-sale, opening our doors to Australian crypto enthusiasts. We then immediately began work on the development of our exchange.

The PLAAK journey can be viewed on our PLAAK.com webpage, listing all of our past developments and future plans on an easy to read timeline.

Our users of course, are not only granted access to the PLAAK exchange, but rather to the PLAAK eco-system at large. The official release of our freelance application is just around the corner, offering members the ability to be seamlessly connected with potential employers using the Blockchain algorithm.

PLAAK members are also able to look forward to the release of our healthcare service, automatic investment tool and business suite application, all within the one login eco-system.

You can be sure that we have further plans up our sleeve for the future.

Primarily however, we would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone that has been with us, from early investors to those that joined the exchange only yesterday. It has been an incredible journey and we are so proud to be in the position we are today.

We would not be here without the support of all of the PLAAK community.

Thank you.

By Wilson Bell