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The popularity of metaphysical crystals continues to grow, and with it the availability of crystals to purchase. However, the metaphysical quality of crystals completely varies. Here are some tips on HOW TO CHOOSE QUALITY METAPHYSICAL CRYSTALS.

AVOID ARTIFICIAL STONES: Don’t like having to tell ya’ll but those Aqua Auras, Angel Auras, Titanium Auras, etc… those are artificial stones. (What gives those crystals their colorful iridescence is a chemical coating that was patented in 2006.) Also avoid items like dyed geode slices, artificially heated citrine, and artificially irradiated smoky quartz. These are artificial processes created by man. …

The recent events happening in the US have been tragic. Our country’s history of oppression has left deep wounds that have yet to be healed. Though we have made great progress, racism is still a serious problem.

What can we do? We can march in protest and raise our voices to be heard, but is there something else that can be done to help heal all this pain and suffering?

Beyond the physical, financial, and emotional support we can give each other, we can also give spiritual support to this cause. …

The grandeur of a forest begins with the trees. Standing taller than any of the other living creatures they create homes with their bodies nurturing the plants below them who need protection from direct sun and wind. A great variety of insects dart amongst its leaves, bark, and roots. Birds flit from branch to limb creating nests. And myriads of mammals live in and amongst their bodies, some of them spending their whole lives off the ground. Trees support ecosystems and a forest just wouldn’t be a forest without these magnificent beings.

The largest creatures in the forest, they are…

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Search crystals by the tags in the Place 8 Healing Crystal Index! Search the index of tags to find crystals related to your situation. Have fun searching through the tags to see what crystals you are led to. This method uses the logical mind as a gateway to discover crystals.

METHOD 2 Before reading a crystal’s description, take special notice of which crystals you are most attracted to strictly on an aesthetic basis. Also take notice which crystals you are most repulsed by. Then read the description of these crystals which describes the stone’s metaphysical properties. You will…

Why? Because…. because there are SO MANY REASONS. So I’m going to keep talking about this stone and reminding you about it. It’s one of the stones I recommend most. It’s a stone I recommend EVERYONE have for their crystal toolkit. Why? Because it’s the core stone for GROUNDING.

The spiritual difference humans compared with the other species of this planet is we were given an extra tool to integrate into our energetic systems. This tool is called the analytic mind. Through this development of the analytic mind we have been able to explore knowledge in a new pioneering way…

Because of its superior sharpness, obsidian has used as a tool for cutting soft tissue since the Stone Age. In its metaphysical parallel, obsidian is also an important tool metaphysically for cutting out negative energies attached to the psychic bodies. Different forms of obsidian exist, each with different sub-specialties and degrees of metaphysical “cutting” intensity.

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Obsidian Dagger

This form from California is naturally found in these distinct shards. There are different theories as to how this obsidian split into these long elongated pieces; if wether by an internal explosion because of extreme cold or because of great external pressure. …

Do you know Mother Nature makes her own glass? From volcanos she extrudes from her molten inner heat a melted and viscous material which when cooled and hardened is known as OBSIDIAN.

Anyone who has cut themselves on glass knows how sharp it can be. And because of its sharpness (and its relative ease in sourcing it) that obsidian has been used since the Stone Age as blades for cutting. Even with centuries of metallurgic knowledge, an obsidian blade can be still be hewn 500 times sharper than steel. …

In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a large mineral mine of lead and silver. In 2000, a couple brothers digging in this mine following a seam of silver accidentally found the largest crystals known in the world. A thousand feet below the surface of the Earth, in a pocket so hot that one must wear suits filled with ice to keep cool and even then only working for 20 minutes at a time before the severe risk of heatstroke sets in, is a cave filled with giant selenite crystals, some up to 36 feet long and estimated to be a half…

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