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Apr 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Are you looking for an alternative to Google My Maps? Great, we’d love to share our thoughts on the matter. What you need depends on how you plan to use the application.

In our experience, most users want to put places on a map and embed the map on their website / blog. Few users need polygones and waypoints. All users look for something easy that looks great.

Google Search provides quite some results when you look for an alternative to google my maps, though many outdated. This article’s objective is to make it easier for you to find the tool that fits your need.

created on June 07, 2017

Our focus

First it should be clear we are not discussing maps dedicated to navigation. Waze, HERE, Google Maps, Maps.Me and many more amazing apps help you in getting you from A to B. It is briliant technology, but not our focus.

Neither are tourism apps. They provide you with highly interesting places for all sorts of reasons, drinks, sport etc.

Instead we focus on tools that permit you to create and communicate places. Navigation maybe part of it, but is not it’s core and even if users create interesting places, it does not alter the purpose of these neutral tools: helping you to create and share places on a map.

The tools!

There are a load of tools on the internet that are one way or the other a good alternative to Google My Maps. We picked a few good ones :,, and Place.Guru. You will find out that each one has it’s specific pluses. Generally speaking we believe that Place.Guru is well positioned to become the preferred tool for many users.

We start with Founder Zsolt wrote an interesting article explaining why MapHub was created. In short he wanted to provide a valid alternative for Google My Maps. Pricing is not yet on the table, nor did he go after funding. The tool is great if you are a bit technical and love to work with waypoints, polygons and more. It provides also great import tools. Zsolt shows great technical skills and improves the platform step by step. MapHub is a map platform to keep an eye on. Check out Zsolt’s recent article.

Next is This company received $ 1M funding in 2015 and creates eye candy for the recipients. is a progressive web app, so there is nothing to download and it works on any device, though the creation of a map assumes a desktop and you need to register first. Their pricing shows a clear orientation towards the business market, as do their features. Collaboration is offered in the the highest plan. The technical stuff you expect of a B2B player is provided for. They also offer maps with a 3D perspective.


Let’s have a look at : Make your own feature rich Google Map. They offer all the tools (controllers) to do so. The starting point is a map you can embed on your own site. You need a desktop to create the maps and if you’re okay with that, the price is not a show stopper, only 7 Dollar per month. You don’t have to register to test the application. No CSV to import or export and no API, nor collaboration tools. It’s all rather straight forward. The look and feel of the map as show to recipients is okay, but not impressive


Place.Guru works on any device and there is nothing do download (PWS). Guest users can freely test the application. If registered users want to leave, their choice is respected. They can do so hassle-free, taking their data with them (respecting their GDPR rights). It is completely free with premium features (i.e. drawing lines) for pro users and to a large extend personalizabe. (Lists of) places can be shared easily with a URL on social media, via email or chat. Professional users pay one euro per day as of 10 lists of places. The tool is intuitive, smart (all places can be reused) and looks wonderful on all screens. CSV upload is for free, embedding easy and there is an API for Pro users. On top via ‘Download Assets’ you download all the maps, images, texts and QR codes you need to print your own map and it link it back to the application. An overview of’s main functionalities you find here

So far an overview of these applications that help you to share places and or create a map for any purpose. Each tool has specific benefits, but generally speaking we believe Place.Guru offers most added value. Anyway, simply test how they work for you to check if it matches your needs.


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