Welcome to Placeful!

We are thrilled to share that Placeful is launching in March and you can become a member as soon as today!

Placeful is your personal deals concierge that aims to reinvent the way New Yorkers experience new places, hand-picked by our local experts, through promotions or deals.

The idea is simple. New Yorkers love to wine and dine, it’s part of this city’s DNA. We also love a good deal — which is why many of us flock to restaurants participating in the semi-annual ritual of Restaurant Week.

Placeful empowers local restaurant and bar owners to run on-demand specials for whatever they want, whenever they want, not just around Restaurant Week or their weekly happy hour. And customers can find these specials in real-time — A win-win for everyone.
You can choose to follow your favorite places based on your interests.

You will be notified when any of the places you follow are running a promotion, or you can simply browse through promotions happening now, right in your neighborhood. Nothing to download, purchase, or reserve in advance.

Experience all the finest things New York has to offer without breaking the bank, and simply do more with Placeful.

Sign up for early access and get your first drink on us!

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