TLDR; I fell in love in 2009 with mobile gaming, created a few mobile games, worked with Chillingo to publish a game, started an iOS development company (merged), worked on a pressure-sensitive case for iPhones called Sensus, built a UGC media mobile company called Slice Engine… then decided to use my experiences in the corporate world: Best Buy, Optum, and then Dairy Queen.

There’s so much I could talk about that has influenced my abilities or how I manage — the experiences I’ve had. …

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There’s quite a bit that’s happened to my startup Slice Engine. I’ve taken the time to venture into new areas of sharing media and capturing media. I had a hunch that centralizing media would still be a problem for most people but what Slice has learned it’s all about the business struggle.

What do you do with your family photos? I can assume you back them up or share them to a cloud service of some kind? Yes? Facebook and even now Snapchat has entered the “memories” game. Cloud storage is a big deal.

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But what about the business? And specifically event driven marketing? We all take videos and photos that could be used for the business. …

How are you doing? Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did you remember all your human chores before heading out the door to that important place you’re heading too?

Doesn’t matter if its Monday. Get. Shit. Done.

I tend to fail at the little things in life. Remembering is one of them that I’m not so great at. Oh, don’t worry about me I have fish oil on its way to help. But really, remembering is tough for me.

But maybe its when we’re in the shit of it we remember? …

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