Because in the juice, the pulp really matters

So, I am sitting here and staring at an empty bottle of Tropicana juice, it says on the top “no pulp”. And I can’t help but wonder, is that what life is slowly becoming? Juice without pulp?

In the very beginning, let us all agree that juice here stands for life. Now what is pulp?

In juice, pulp is essentially the unrefined part, the tasteless stuff which sometimes makes it’s way into our mouth (in pulpy juices). It makes our mouth go bleh, we have to bite that pulp to get through it. Basically, we have to eat the juice :P

Now what does it stand for? It stands for daily inconveniences. It stands for bad experiences, it stands for disliked people. It stands for anything, which we do not like. Anything which makes the mouth go bleh. And we don’t like that. Because we want everything to be perfect, everything to be the way we like it. “And what is wrong with that?” You ask me.

My answer, ”Everything.”

Let us take an example to simplify things here. Earlier, there used to be less cars, so there was other mode of transportation like buses, bicycles, walking (Let us not go into animal driven vehicles here :D) and so forth. Now these kinds of transportations are the pulp.They caused life to be slow. Like snails trying to cross a highway. It was boring and time consuming. It has been removed with the advent of cars, but it has caused a rise in obesity, a rise in pollution, a rise in the cost of gas and a decrease in human interaction.

Let us take another example, online banking. (Oh my God! she has a problem with that too!!) No folks, I don’t have a problem with anything, I am just trying to show you the flip side. Earlier with banking, we had to stand in huge queues,the tellers would take a lot of time to process each request manually and we would have to set aside entire days to do bank stuff. With online banking, everything is at the click of a button, with debit and credit cards, everything is done with the swipe of a card. I bet you are curious as to the flip side of this. Now-a-days, we tend to hide our assets. Earlier, everyone knew how much everyone else had and none of them had a problem with it. Now no one knows how much the other person earns, and we always tend to think it is more than us and be jealous. Because now-a-days we only see them spending on exotic holidays or buying new things. We don’t see them saving, investing or planning ahead.

Now that there is no pulp, it is faster to drink the juice. But the juice has lost it’s essence and all its nutrients.

Earlier, we used to get to know one another, because we had a lot of time to kill, because of the pulp. Now we want to take advantage of the pulpless juice and increase productivity, to bring in the big money. But what do we do with the big money? We buy a big-ER Television, we buy the MORE expensive phones, we buy the BIG mansions and where do we end up?

In the hospital with a heart attack at the age of 35, or in a huge villa watching the big HD quality TV alone, or on the shrink’s couch talking about our depression. You can add your own personalized experience to this and let me know if it is not along these sad lines.

Now you need to understand that I am not undermining the increase in productivity or boost to economy or all the other good things which this no pulp juice is bringing. It comes with its own greatness. But sometimes, do you not miss the pulp?

Do you not miss the beautiful hours spent talking, or the oneness you felt with the bus driver because you knew all about his life, or the brotherhood you felt when one of the customers in the store queue did not have the required change, or when people actually went to watch the movies instead of streaming it?

I am not asking you to give up the juice because it has no pulp, I am asking you to maybe put the pulp back in the juice every once in a while, to savor the tastelessness and enjoy the nutrients. In essence, add a little more human, to just being.

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