Maybe its not stupid, Maybe its Stupidly Amazing!

Have you ever had this feeling where you have felt that whatever you have done is stupid?

Like me writing this post is stupid, because millions of people are writing now-a-days and there is nothing new and unusual I am putting to the world. It’s stupid really, to think that this can make some difference to some person in some corner of this world. It is stupid actually, to think I am good enough a writer to write something which people would want to read. Just like it’s stupid to think that I have done some cool stuff in life. And just like it’s stupid to think that I have seen tough times and sailed through it and come out a winner, when the truth is that my tough times are not even considered tough times by normal standards. Basically, its’ stupid to think I have had a significant life or that I am good enough.

If any of you have ever felt that, give this post a like because there is something important I want to tell you (see what I did there to get likes? ;) )

If you think that it’s stupid to think any of the above things, look back in your life, rewind and go through your life in fast forward, looking for that one dominant external factor of your life, who made you believe that you are stupid. Look for that one person who belittled your achievements and constantly put you down. Find that person, I know that person is there because nobody is born believing they are stupid. And maybe, just push that person off their high rise apartment window :P

On a serious note, identify them, and try not to hate them, that will be difficult, probably the most difficult thing you do because they are literally the source of all your misery.

If you do something, and their voice in your head tells you it’s stupid, look the “voice” in the eye, and in your most nicest, sweetest, politest manner, tell them to jump off a cliff, and preferably end up with multiple fractures. Imagining this feels awesome right? Instant gratification!

But tell me if this voice does not recur in your next big event telling you how stupid you are being. That is why it is important not to hate them, I am still struggling with the not hating part too, but I think I have made tremendous improvement so far.. Oops! “Not so much!” says the great voice, but I look at them in the eye and say, “ You know what? I don’t think this is working anymore, maybe you should haunt someone else’s thoughts, because I refuse to believe that I am doing stupidly. Even if I might be doing stupidly, I won’t believe it. Because it is my choice to believe.” And I say something on similar lines every time, hoping that the voice would just give up on me and leave. No luck so far.

But there is one difference, now that I am purposely defying the “voice” I am doing those things which the voice would have thought stupid, things I really want to do but never did, because it was either “uncool”, or a “so you think THAT would make a difference?” or just plain unusual. Sure I am stumbling and fumbling, exploring things you ran away from, is never easy, but I think I am more alive than I was ever before.

And do you know why that is?

Because my heart beats fast with nervousness and anticipation, because I fret and fear of what will be and because I prepare and practice what I will do if each scary scenario comes to life. And with each of these, there is tons of excitement and I see my own self smiling at the end of this new thing, telling me that if I do this new thing that I think is stupid, nothing will be impossible, because hey! you can’t do lower than the rock bottom of stupidity right?:P

It doesn’t have to be mighty and important like skydiving or scuba diving or any other FearFactor stuff, it can be as simple as giving an answer in class (I don’t know about you, but that is petrifying for me) or putting your stupidly amazing idea in front of a group or maybe going up and talking to that guy/girl who you think is out of your league or maybe going back and living with your family when everybody else is leaving home.

If the “voice” tells you its stupid, and you think it could be stupidly amazing, DON’T THINK! JUST JUMP INTO IT!

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