The Sandnigger Programmer from Mississippi
Nader Dabit

You should read up on Taleb’s view on security and probability.

A terrorist attack (or two) can be a far greater existential risk to a regime than the normal “statistical deaths” that occur year by year. Thousands of people might die in car accidents but that’s already been “integrated” in our economic system.

A terrorist attack out of the blue can cause literally trillions of dollars (9/11) in the long run.

>It is also worth noting that the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia/UAE/Egypt/Lebanon, all the countries not in the recent MuslimBan. Also, zero were actually refugees.

Geopolitics and resource consumption trumps most concerns. You like a society with cheap shit? The imperial citizenry pays the price for the oil that keeps said society awash in cheap energy.

> you probably already understand that facts like these do not matter so much to an indoctrinated mind molded by ideology and dogma from an early age.

The problem is that ANY political side will accuse the opposing parties of being under “indoctrination, ideology, and dogma.” Every human is under some form of “indoctrination, ideology, and dogma” even to the core of moral calculation. Accusing the other side as such amounts to a blind tautology that gives the appearance of “fact and information” without being constituted as such.

But other than that, I’m glad you managed to overcome the tribal boorishness of people to a place in life where you’re successful and content. Just be aware that your peers are far from immune to tribality.