Chatting up Christian Grey

….the bot!

It’s been a while since I checked out a new bot and I was scrolling through BotList looking for something completely different, when I remembered an article I’d read about celebrity bots — from Elon Musk to Selena Gomez, they all have their bot. I’d already tried chatting with Maroon 5 and found the interaction rather basic and uninteresting, so I decided to dig some more and see if somebody had come up with something truly unique. A chatbot so well scripted that I could almost forget I was talking to a bot, not a real person. Some digging around, lead me to this post by the creator of Selena Gomez’s bot.

Christian Grey — as a chatbot?

I did say different, didn’t I? So off I went and pinged Christian on messenger.

Was it well-scripted?

I gave enough odd answers to throw off the bot. Yet all the answers somehow fit — even when they didn’t follow the obvious and most natural flow of conversation. When I looked back at the conversation the next day, it looked natural. The responses were somehow what I’d expect Grey to come up with.

Did I feel like I’m talking to the “real” Christian Grey and am a part of a soft-porn scenario?

Well, almost. I was definitely spooked out enough to stop chatting after the first few minutes, if for nothing else, but the thought that the bot makers might have cheated and the answers might be coming from a human.

The Christian Grey bot interaction is definitely a huge improvement on everything I’ve experienced so far. If a chatbot can make me almost forget that its responses are pre-scripted, then the makers have done a bloody good job. Unlike the Maroon 5 bot, this was a personal interaction and I would definitely not get that experience anywhere else! 
So if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box chatbot experience, or you are a fan of lascivious characters, hit up Christian Grey on Messenger. You are sure to pass a few moments being entertained…if not seduced!