Get Ready to Game — Alpha Gameplay Feature Will be Launched this Week

We are now inviting Alpha players to test out the gameplay integration on the platform.

May 23 · 4 min read

Plair Gameplay is Now Ready to Test!

Here’s the latest update from us. Plair is proud to announce the rollout of gameplay functionality in Alpha Version 0.5 and we are inviting the community to test out for us! The updates include official tournaments hosted by Plair, automatic lobby creation functionality and more. Details of the Dota 2 Alpha Online Tournament below:

*Alpha testers are ENCOURAGED to join a private Discord channel “Alpha Testers” with invitation link shared through email so they can do live chat and communicate with other players in the same lobby.

*Please refer to the Tournament Page on our platform for matches in further details. (Alpha 0.5 will be rolled up shortly)


What rewards will I get if I participated in the tournament?
Rewards will be given to testers who file critical bug reports which will be distributed when the Alpha version is over. We focus on different functionality in each Tournament test. To file a bug report, please read the quick rule in tournament page and mark down the name of tournament you joined eg. “Dota 2 Alpha 5v5 #1/#2/#3” so we could track the data.

Will the match continue if the other user did not check-in or did not open Dota 2 in Steam?
According to the general Rules & Regulations of Dota 2 Tournaments, this will immediately disqualify the entire team and the opposing team will be declared as the winner. The tournament will be marked as invalid. No-show will highly affect other players’ gaming experience. Please prevent last minute drop out to avoid inconvenience to other gamers.

When will the tournament registration start?
The registration opens right before the tournament start so they can play instantly. The slots are available on a first come, first served basis.

How many 1v1 tournaments is Plair hosting?
There will be less 1v1 tournaments during the first week of release so our development team can keep track and analysis of the data more easily. More 1v1 tournaments will be pushed out during the 2nd week of gameplay feature release so Alpha testers can fully experience the flow of Beta version.

Do I have to form a team of five to join these 5v5 testing tournaments?
Knowing the difficulties for testers to form a team with the same time zone, for this tournament testing week Alpha users will not have to form a team of 5 in order to participate. They can play as free agents and our system will handle the rest.

Do I have to stake-in testnet tokens to join the tournament?
No, the entry fee is 0 PLA for now.

How does Plair test out the functionality thoroughly?
Besides the tournaments listed above, we have invited esports teams including Digital Dynasty, Team Easy and other Dota 2 enthusiasts to test out the functionality. Those matches are private and hence not listed on the timeslots above.

The esports teams together with other Dota 2 enthusiasts mentioned above are experts in the field. With this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to them, for sharing their passion and insights with Plair throughout the development process.

Digital Dynasty
Team Easy

What if I have other questions regarding this feature?
Visit this Support page and type in keywords to search.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions regarding gameplay testing. Our team will get back to you with lightning speed.

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