Plancoin: FAQ is just updated!

Updated on June 28th, 2018

FAQ will help you partly with any questions you may have about the Plancoin project. We will always update any useful new information to help customers feel more secure when investing in our project.

How to restore or back up PLAN from the wallet on the operating systems?

Use the following commands to find the folder containing the Plancoin data on the operating systems.

macOS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/PLANCOIN/

The wallet.dat file contains all of the data and the number of PLAN you own. You can back it up for security. If you delete or overwrite other files on this file, your PLAN number will be permanently lost, and we can not help you recover.

Will the Plancoin be listed on some large exchange markets?

In addition to the roadmap and direction to develop the ecosystem of Plancoin, we always need a strong community, and a daily trading volume large enough for the acceptance of Exchange markets to list.

What deposit does Plancoin accept?

We accept to make BTC and ETH deposit for PLAN trade.

How can I trade PLAN on internal exchange?

Log into the Dashboard, select the Exchange section, and here you can start trading.Log into the Dashboard, select the Exchange section. However, internal Exchange is stopped temporarily, we will notify you when the internal Exchange works again.

Is Plancoin considered as a Security token or Utility token?

The legal is not yet clear for any cryptocurrency, and typically like Bitcoin, XRP or Ethereum, they are considered as utility token, so at this time, Plancoin will be considered as a Utility Token.

How does Lending at Plancoin work?

When you buy PLAN in any Exchanges, then you participate in Lending at Plancoin, at that time, the PLAN number in the market will be reduced and more scarce, so for anyone else wanting to own PLAN, they have to order at a higher price. At that time, we will then use the PLAN number that you have joined Lending to sell to them to push the price. Besides, if the market goes down, there are few investors buying PLAN, we will use the PLAN number that you use to participate in Lending to invest in hardware and mine ETH and Bitcoin in order to help PLAN more stable.

How much for the daily interest from participating in Lending at Plancoin?

Daily interest for joining in short-term Lending is 0.25% to 0.33%, about 9% / 30 days. This helps anyone who owns PLAN and expects the price increase can participate in Lending, and after about 45 days, they will receive the initial PLAN that they invested, plus a profit from Lending.

Does Plancoin pay more money levels for referrers?

We never work on Ponzi model so we do not pay % of commission for many levels!

To bring a large community to Plancoin from people with marketing knowledge through social networks, website and press, we have a campaign to create reward for the referral link owners, we will pay 0.01 BTC from your referral link. This means that anyone who joins Lending with the “Mining Investment” feature at Plancoin, you will receive 0.01 BTC immediately. There is no limit to the number of Lending per an account.

*Those who do not receive 0.01 BTC reward:
People who intentionally create many accounts and register for themselves to receive bonuses (“We can check Explorer and many other things to know about this”)

  • People who create posts, images or any other purpose to deceive investors joining Plancoin and perform Lending.
  • Referral links are created from fake websites, Extensions, or any software to deceive investors.

Notice: Deliberately breaking the terms will result in the account being banned forever.

How does Plancoin use money from investors participating in Lending to mine Coin?

We have a new feature to help you get a more stable and profitable income. That’s “Mining Investment” feature. PLAN number that you participate in “Mining Investment” will bring you a profit of 16% to 19% per month depending on the difficulty of the mining. To get involved, you need to own PLAN number, equivalent to $2000 according to the price on Coinmarketcap at that time, and then you have to join “Mining Investment” at Plancoin. The time of joining this “Mining Investment” package is fixed from 170 to 230 days.

“Daily interest is paid through BTC, ETH”

What will the Lending packages for investing in Mining at Plancoin be like?

“Mining Investment” feature at Plancoin will have three packages, including $ 2000, $ 5000 and $ 10,000.

The package over $ 2,000 of the profits you receive will be 15% / 30 days and your capital will be returned after 230 days.
The package over $ 5000 of the profits you receive will be 17% / 30 days and your capital will be returned after 200 days.
The package over $ 10,000 profits you receive will be 19% / 30 days and your capital will be returned after 170 days.

In general, you only need to invest and receive daily profits, all mining work will be done by us.

Notice: Customers are required to verify KYC to participate in “Mining Investment”.

Refund: we cannot refund the initial PLAN number you invested in! PLAN number that you invest in mining investment will be converted into USD, after the end of the mining investment package, that USD will automatically be converted to PLAN at the price at that time on Coinmarketcap.

Explanation: If finishing the mining investment package, and we refund you the initial PLAN number you invested, there will be abnormal things as follows: When you join mining investment, the PLAN price is $ 0.15, you own 20000 PLAN, temporarily caculated that is $ 3,000. At the end of the investment, the PLAN price is $ 0.5, temporarily caculated that is $ 10,000. If we refund the initial PLAN you invested, our project will be closed soon, so at the end of the mining investment package, we will refund you in USD.

To limit the number of PLAN available on the market to increase price, at this time, you can only convert profits from “Mining Investment” to BTC or ETH.

Which coins does Plancoin build mining factory for and how can Plancoin have high profit from mining?

For any coins which can be mined with high profit, we will buy coin mining machines to mine immediately. We also mine BTC, ETH and Monero.

Our advantage is to build fields and use electricity through solar power or electricity from windmills. This nature electricity will be huge, and be stored in storage devices for nighttime mining. With an average temperature of about 10 to 19 degrees, it is the ideal temperature to mine. The average profit is about 25%.

The initial fee for this is around $ 600,000

What is the purpose of building Tradingnow Exchange of Plancoin?

Plancoin builds Tradingnow Exchange as an ecosystem for Plancoin. Initially, we allow to list coins for free and support for 24/7. After it develops strongly, and has a large trading volume every day, any cryptocurrency projects that want to be listed on Tradingnow have to pay a fee by PLAN to list. It is definitely that PLAN will be the official coin for this Exchange just like Binance’s BNB.

How Plancoin will develop itself on the Tradingnow Exchange?

Plancoin is a lending and mining project. We use the amount of money that customers use to join Lending to sell at higher price if PLAN becomes scarce in the market or invest in mining BTC, ETH. Our desire is to develop Plancoin sustainably and along with Plancoin, there will be ecosystems as well as utilities to help develop PLAN. Allowing for free listing of projects after the ICO on Tradingnow Exchange will attract the attention of a number of projects. This also aims to increase daily trading volume on Coinmarketcap while the listing fee on the other exchanges is usually very high. At that time, Plancoin will be runned free marketing on this Exchange and there will have a lot of people who are interested in and buy PLAN to help Plancoin increase the price in a stable way.

How will be the Tradingnow Exchange and when will it be publicized?

Tradingnow Exchange works similarly to other Exchanges, with professional interface, multi-browser support and application for mobile. This exchange will bring great potential for Plancoin.

Tradingnow Exchange will be published Beta in September 2018.

Does Plancoin have any publicity of the team?

Not yet. Currently, we have not yet publicized the team. Our technical team does not need to be public because they are not marketers. Many projects that publicize team images are intended only to create trust for the customers, and then they have scammed a lot of money from the investors. We can easily have team images with just a few ETH to pay for this, but we never did that. We do not encourage anyone to join Plancoin to buy PLAN. All investments are voluntary.

Company records, address, and legal information will be public in the coming months when Tradingnow Exchange launches.