Failing means learning a lesson. About that email list you’ve been meaning to build…

I know I’ve failed at many things, but as a business owner, I finally learned that my biggest asset, the one thing that I can own and control more than anything like Facebook or other social media, is my email list.

And for the first 3–4 years of running planet5D, I didn’t even ask people to give me their email address.

Email is not dead — it is your one asset to build

What a HUGE mistake!

Other sites in the same niche crushed me. CRUSHED ME! One started offering a free ebook, and within a year had more than 100,000 people on their email list.

I had ZERO.

They’re one of the top websites in the filmmaking world now.

planet5D is doing ok, but is NOTHING like it could be if I had learned that one lesson so much earlier.

So how are YOU doing with your EMAIL LIST?

Did you know that the marketing gurus will suggest that an email list is valued at about $1 per lead per MONTH? That means if you have 1000 people on your list, you should be making about $12,000 from that list per year.

In the last 3 years, I’ve been determined to really learn how to grow my email list so I can tap into that income stream.

I’ve become a huge fan of running viral giveaways to grow my list. Right now, I’m adding an average of 3500 leads every time I run a giveaway (and they usually last 2 weeks).

Would you like to know how you might be able to do that too? Hit me up, I know I can help!

Shoot for the moon!

Image from unsplash