There’s something empowering about owning up to some of our shared industry downfalls. One of these being the capacity for so many of us to fall victim to lens envy. [adrotate group=”6″]

Yes, the jealousy that one develops when in the presence of a photographer or shooter that possesses lenses and glass that are larger and otherwise more impressive than what you own. This short film, shot on the Canon C300 Mark II demonstrates the comedy and absurdity of this very well, but in doing so, highlights something else, entirely different.

When he was presented with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II, Dare Cinema creator Dare Stevens, had an idea that instead of shooting day for night, he’d shoot night for day.

Normally, this would be a crazy idea, but because of the sensitivity of the C300 Mark II’s sensor, it became a quite simple reality. In this short video (which is part 4 of a great series about the Canon C300 Mark II), Stevens shows just how simple it is to adopt this method.

Clearly, the vast majority of the time, you’re not going to want to force yourself into a time crunch with the sun. This method isn’t necessarily demonstrated to get you to shoot this way, but it shows you the durability and flexibility of the camera. What is probably the greatest critique I can give off this look could also be a compliment.

The Canon series has always been a very magenta and peach heavy look. Even in the face of overwhelming blue light of, “blue hour” you’re still picking up these colors true. One could comment saying that it’s too saturated with reds, but having the color means you can control it. You’d much rather be in a situation where you have those tones than be left wishing you did.

Check out both of these videos, and then the rest of Dare Cinema’s Canon C300 Mark II series. The camera has a lot to offer and Steven’s insight is very valuable.

Size Matters — A Short Film for People Who Love Long….Lenses

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Size Matters, A Short Film About Long Lenses

Via Dare Cinema:

Back in November of last year, my friends and I made a cute little short film with a wink to an inside joke photographers have been making reference to for decades.
I had the idea for this almost a year earlier after seeing an article on B&Hs website about their 1200mm Canon lens:
Talk about lens envy. Anyways, originally my idea was to go to Central Park in New York and shoot this duel between two photographers gradually increasing the size of their lens until it wound up with one of them in an observatory.
I wasn’t able to pull all of that together, so when Kelvin and I sat down and revisited the concept we were lucky enough to wind up with a pre-release model of the Canon C300 MarkII and a couple of their Cinema Lenses and then put together this short shot after sunset when the city lights came up to be able to show how good at low light the C300 Mark II was.

Read full article at Dare Cinema “Size Matters, A Short Film About Long Lenses”

Shooting a Feature Film using the Canon C300 Mark II Part 4 — Shooting Night for Day

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(cover photo credit: snap from Dare Cinema)

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