Starting a new business?

Yes I am!

Are you?

Well then, we’re in the same boat aren’t we?

In case you don’t know me, I am the ‘chief astronomer’ at — and no, I’m not really an astronomer, I just love to play with the astronomy jokes because I call myself planetMitch and the sites all get a ‘planet’ name for some fun branding.

Oh, and I was fascinated with astronomy in high school and even wrote a 50 page paper (double spaced in big handwriting of course, I was in high school after all) on Neutrinos! How’s that for an obscure topic?

Anyway, I’ve learned a TON of things thru failure after failure and successes too running planet5D and I’m going to be sharing those lessons and more over on (note, we have started adding content and there’s a ton more to come, but we still are working out some kinks! so please excuse any dissarray you may find).

My good friend Abby and I are going to be blogging about business (we’re both new in many ways, but experienced in many ways as well) and sharing our experiences and reviews of products and books we see along the way.

So, if you’re interested in knowing more, click here to sign up for our email list and follow along!

p.s. that is a picture of the beach I’m going to live on when I’m incredibly successful and rich! Want to join me?

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