Wine Country Camera is a start up that has only one goal in mind. (Or at least the only goal for right now.) They want to make the most functional, beautiful and efficient filter holder that you’ve ever used.

A lot of you may ask, what’s wrong with what’s on the market already — the answer is complicated. While there are plenty of high quality holders on the market, they have downfalls that could get in the way of your normal shooting regimen. Issues likes Filter Flex, light leaks and cheap polarization are just the start, but perhaps the most obnoxious of them all when your filter holder disturbs the focus that you’ve dialed in.[adrotate group=”6″]

The Wine Country Camera seeks to solve all of these problems while delivering you a compact, lightweight and reasonably priced product that looks like it’s worth much more than what you paid.


The wood focused design harkens back to the company’s name and has the elegance that’s often associated in Wine Country. At first glance, the Holder System delivers. Unlike other systems on the market, it shows immediate quality before you’ve even started with it’s function.

In my mind, the two biggest things that set this Filter Holder system apart is the light tight design, which is absolutely critical to the success of the system as a whole and the way that it implements polarization.

You might be disappointed to learn that you won’t be able to use your third party polarizers in this system, but Wine Country Camera has tried to give their reasons why: “Our integrated polarizer is designed to fit inside the holder itself, eliminating reflections while enhancing usability and adjustability.” It’s important to note also that the polarizer that Wine Country Camera sells for their system itself isn’t included and has to be purchased alongside the holder.

It’s easy to view this asa potential downside of the system, but if you’re asking me, intentionally or not, it can be viewed positively. The fact that they take such pride in their polarizer that it’s not just a free add-on is very promising.

They explain why they feel this way in their FAQ, stating: “The “included” polarizer from cheap holder systems is made from extremely thin and inexpensive windowpane glass. The tolerances for surface flatness are extremely low, meaning that significant image degradation occurs. Our polarizer is 2.5mm thick and made from the finest optical glass materials in the world.”

This sort of sums up the goals of Wine Country Camera from the beginning — doing anything that’s less than a step above the competition isn’t something that’s worth doing.

The Filter Vaults have been designed to be light tight, meaning there will be no reflections, light spill or hazing that you might find in other systems. They easily slide in and out of the holder and use a simple button system to release. This is all very familiar to anyone that’s used a filter holder system before. In this familiarity I find the only way that this filter holder lets me down.

If you’re a photographer or cinematographer that implements multiple Grad ND’s you’ll understand that you often need to rotate one of these ND’s to find the exact angle that is the most natural and accurate. The Filter Holder system may allow for rotation of the holder itself, but it doesn’t seem immediately obvious the ways that you can fine-tune the angle of filters separate from each other. This is not a technique that I often use, and it’s not a deal breaker, but it is something to consider if you’re in the market.


The 100mm Filter Holder Kit starts at $299.00 and, if you include the $100.00 polarizer (The polarizer is $150.00 if purchased separately) comes to $399.00. That price immediately tells you that you’re purchasing a rig of professional quality.

The Wine Country Camera Filter Holder system isn’t the cheapest one on the market. It takes itself seriously as an option that can rival some matte boxes for the shooter that’s always on the move and needs a more efficient option. It’s a system that knows what it’s worth and looks as though it delivers where it promises.

Wine Country Camera 100mm Filter Holder System — top secret preview

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Wine Country Camera Filter Holder

Via Wine Country Camera:

Filter Holder Perfection
 It took two years of critical analysis and meticulous design to solve the challenges faced by filter holder system users. But we’ve done it.
The holder solves the problems of filter flex, light leaks, polarization, and installation without disturbing critical focus. It’s an enduring design, without compromises, and we’re extremely proud to present it to you.
Rotating Polarizer: The Knob Rotates the Internal Polarizer

Rotating Polarizer: The Knob Rotates the Internal Polarizer

Filter Protection
 Filter vaults are made from a special, high-density glass epoxy material that is approximately half the weight of aluminum, yet far more capable of resisting abrasion, friction, impact, corrosion and material fatigue.
As most photographers are transitioning away from resin filters to glass, filter breakage has become a real problem. We’re addressing the problem head-on. Filter vaults protect the filter during transit and use, and increase image quality by eliminating internal reflections and filter-flex caused by inferior holder systems.
What filters work with this holder?
 100mm is the most popular size of square and rectangular filter for professional and advanced amateur photographers. 100x100mm ND and 100x150mm grad filters are well supported in the market, and manufactured by Lee, Formatt-Hitech, Nisi and others.
What lenses work with this holder?
 Wine Country Camera’s 100mm holder system is designed to accommodate most DSLR and Mirrorless camera lenses. Adapter rings are available for all popular lens sizes from 47mm to 86mm. Choose a ring with your kit. Additional rings are available for purchase individually
Read full list of FAQs HERE.

Learn more about Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Wine Country Camera)

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