Live To Maintain

“I need to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, blah blah blah, yadda yadda, if I want my reach to expand successfully”.


“I need to work with all of the brands to be ten steps ahead”.

No you don’t. This is false.

Rule #101: Do not become over saturated.

I’m sure most of you a familiar with the phrase “spreading yourself too thin”, this is pretty much when you try to have ten fingers in twenty pies and you can’t consume them all. Use that analogy and apply it to yourself, your life and your brand.

Becoming over saturated in a creative setting is most likely to be a deterrent, this is because you will seem inaccessible, or perhaps too busy or even be seen as someone who’s not great to work with as they collaborate with any and everyone they can, you’ll lose your exclusivity factor.

Rule #102: Pick the correct socials for you.

It’s important to do extensive research and pick a social media platform that suits your brand, instead of diving in forehead first.

I can almost hear you asking why. So I’ll tell you.


In this case, the damage will be to yourself and your brand. Find out what works best for your business. Please remember that social media is a great tool to have, but it is also time consuming so you have to be prepared to put in the work.

Rule #103: Outsource what you’re not great at.

If you’ve tried social media and you’re struggling, seek advice from a professional on how to handle these mediums, use applications like Buffer which can send out tweets automatically for you if you schedule them in (brilliant for cutting corners when it comes to time consumption), get the necessary help in order to take your brand to new heights.

With that being said, be extra careful who you share your business secrets with when outsourcing, make sure everything is documented correctly to avoid foul play and misdirection.

Rule #104: Remain professional.

If you’re switching between personal accounts and business accounts, remember to remain professional when representing your brand. Try not to lose sight of what you initially want to use the social media for. AND by no means should you get caught up on social media frenzy’s and gossip ever ever ever, at least not on your business account. While you’re climbing the social media ladder, it can be easy to feel stagnant if you see no progression in your follower count, it can be just as easy to get caught in the various distractions but try to suppress your frustrations, don’t let people see them. After all, you wouldn’t want to become lost in a social media channel now, would you?

Hoping my social media tips gave you a better insight in to some do’s and don’ts for your businesses.

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