Maintaining Your Presence On Social Media

Being in the media industry, I am always asked questions on how to increase follower count or how to maintain a presence via social media, and I thought it was really interesting that a lot of people, who are actively involved in media, don’t actually know how to manage their social media from a professional perspective.

This blog post is mainly to highlight the DO’s and DO NOT’S regarding managing your socials platforms, from my personal standpoint.


1) As long as it sounds, try and implement a simple social media strategy. This will help you maintain regular posts, especially if you’re inconsistent when it comes to uploading content.

2) Take the time to research and study the demographic of people who follow you on your platforms, this is important so you can tailor your content. If you have a lot of older followers, you may way to stay away from too much slang, or you posts won’t be relatable. But by all means, be who you are and don’t release content that is not true to your character.

3) Your social media presence can be reinforced if you offer something of “value”. Whether that be your knowledge, your music or art, try your best to ensure it’s worth checking out, this way you’ll make a lasting impression.

4) Do use hashtags! The power of the hashtag is completely underrated. When someone makes a related search, if your post is hash tagged properly, it will come up, increasing the traffic to your content. This isn’t an excuse to hashtag anything and everything.

5) Do engage with your followers, you want to seem as approachable as possible. No engagement decreases your chances of people wanting to get in contact with you and you don’t want to miss a potentially amazing opportunity. This is a great way to gain feedback from the content you put out also!


1) Don’t put out rubbish just to stay consistent, doing this will win you your golden ticket to going down the drain.

2) Being consistent does not mean flood peoples’ feed with unnecessary nonsense. Don’t stray from what you’d normally put out just for the sake of wanting to stay relevant.

3) Don’t voice your anger if people don’t share your content immediately, it takes time and there are hundreds of reasons why people might not share it straight away, so remember patience is key.

4) Do not rubbish someone else’s content via your social media platforms, all this will do is earn you a reputation for being the worlds saltiest person alive. There’s a fine line between sharing your opinion and just being a straight up enemy of progress.

5) Do not undergo a REBRAND if you have no idea how to do such. I’ve seen many professionals make the change from their personal twitter to a cleaner version of their twitter where they’re able to post their content etc… but, they ended u slipping back in to their old hindering habits as they didn’t research rebranding beforehand. This will end up leaving your social platforms in a hot mess!

This post was brief and I will end up posting a much more detailed version down the line but for now, I hope this helped!

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