E Cig Frequently Asked Questions

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We are an established and popular electronic cigarettes company that distributes e-cigs to our esteemed UK clients. Our e-cig comes in a sophisticated pack that saves smoker(s) embarrassing smoke, ash, matchboxes/ lighters and the foul smell that characterizes tobacco smokers. We supply the e cigarettes at affordable prices and varying content of nicotine, in the e-liquid, as well as bulk e-liquid for convenient refills.

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Most people seek to understand/ demystify the popular e cig as well as find an authentic supplier. We make and supply the cleanest, affordable e cigs in UK. We demystify our environmental friendly, smokeless, ashless and reusable e cigs in the following Frequently Asked Questions section. We define, expound on components and explain how to use our e-cigs.

What is the electronic cigarette?

An e cigarette refers to a cigarette that uses electric mechanism of heating the liquid to vaporization; to provide the smoked fumes. Unlike the tobacco cigars/ cigarettes, there is no burning or combustion of any substance, hence no smoke or ash emission. No lighting is needed as the cigarette’s power comes from a battery.

What is a starter pack and how do I smoke?

A starter pack/ kit refers to the set of components of our e-cig, which must be fitted together to enable you smoke. The pack comprises of a rechargeable battery, cartridge(s), electronic liquid, cartridge holder and a USB charger. Cartridges hold e-liquid and must be fitted into the holder, which should then have power switched on to vaporize the liquid into fumes.

How much do they cost?

Most people assume that the cigarette is expensive just because it has several components, but our users know that our e-cigs come at an affordable price. The fact that the cartridges can be refilled/ replaced every time a person needs to smoke saves him/ her money. That said, the price depends on the size and model of the e cigarette.

What is electronic liquid?

E liquid, sometimes referred to as liquid nicotine, serves as the substance that gets vaporized to give fumes for smoking. The liquid may or may not contain nicotine, the stimulant that works like tobacco. We supply this liquid with different nicotine contents to cater for everyone’s needs; people who need the nicotine stimulant and those who need none. The liquid comes in cartridges and even in bulk; for people who wish to keep their supplies close to them and refill as the need arises.

Can I have any flavour of my choice?

Yes, you can have as many flavours of your e-liquid as we supply. Thanks to the new technology, smoking does not mean you have to carry around the pungent and offensive smell of tobacco. We supply menthol, mint, chocolate and other flavors for you to choose. You can thus have your recreational smoking enjoyable and not a task.

I travel a lot. Can I smoke my e-cig away from home?

Absolutely, you can smoke our e cig anywhere you want because we supply the kit with a rechargeable battery. The USB charger eases your battery charge. This means that you do not need special charger(s), and as long as you have your battery with sufficient charge, you will not need to stay around power sockets for you to smoke.

Must I buy a new starter pack every time I finish the e-liquid?

No. You never have to buy a new pack, unless you wish to give it as a gift. The starter pack’s components can be disassembled, and as such, any time a cartridge runs of the liquid all you have to do is refill/ replace it with more liquid, fix it in the cartridge holder and resume smoking. You can experiment with different flavours without buying new packs.

How do I know what content my e-liquid contains?

We label all cartridges with information on the capacity of liquid the cartridge can hold as well as the nicotine content. If you already know your favourite nicotine content you only need to take the cartridges labeled as such, but if you are a beginner you can try several contents to see what works for you. If you want to quit, you can start with lesser contents, moving to no-nicotine content.


Our e cig comes in, an easy to operate, starter pack comprising cartridge(s), e liquid, cartridge holder, USB charger and a rechargeable battery. The e cigarette provides a cleaner, more sophisticated and environmentally friendlier smoking to the usual tobacco smoking. The above FAQ section provides answers to what and how of our electronic cigarette, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing our electronic cigarettes http://www.planeteliquid.co.uk/.