An Open Letter from Paradise:

My dear, you seem stressed. Is the lull of society crumpling your enthusiasm again? You’re drowning in “to-do” lists and school work and making money to live, but in so you don’t have time left to take care of yourself. Just breathe, honey.

Breathe even though it feels as if your lungs are filling with water. Breathe even when you’re being pulled under the ocean’s surface. Breathe until you can finally find it in yourself to find the shoreline and drag yourself out of the rut of your day to day life. You need to find your break in the waves. You need to find Hawaii.

The Hawaiian waters beat a rhythm against the shoreline of the island. Use this momentum to grasp the sandy shore and forced yourself out of the water. A couple yards from the sand resides green grass; new life to greet your awaiting, tender hands as you crawl. Lift yourself to your feet, hun. Shake the sticky sand and salty water from your body. You’re in a new environment with no obligations to the outside world.

The condos that rest on the grassy field is what’s referred to as “home” for the next week. Forget that one story, run-down shack back home that longs for too many repairs. Forget the garden that hasn’t been taken care of in months. Forget the stack of paperwork lying on the counter top in the kitchen. You are here to relax.

Don’t let anxiety of the world back home creep back into your mind. This is “you time”; a time to connect with your fun side that once existed in your veins. Rent a jet ski, take a surfing class, utilize the condo’s tennis court to distract your mind. Eventually you’ll be dancing to the tune of the island. Palm trees will grow in place of your garden, the lively, vivid, green grass decorating their base. That gloomy stack of paperwork? Don’t worry, the sunny sky on your virgin skin will dispel that vision. The warmth becomes a drug here. Enticing you with its seductive rays until it’s the only thing you can think about.

You should probably be warned. You may become transformed while on this island getaway. Your soul may become forever warmed by the sun, your shoulders may become lighter, and your smile may even last longer. Don’t be startled; these symptoms are typical after having a much-needed vacation.

On the flight home, hovering over the volcanic and beachy terrain of the island, you can sit back, have a drink, and enjoy your last few hours of freedom. Before you touch down on the mainland, you’ll find yourself reminiscing through your memory bank and appreciating life in a whole new light. Life can be tough, life can be draining, but the importance of getting away from it is something that cannot be stressed enough.

My dear, you desperately need a Hawaiian intervention. Otherwise, you may go mad with stress. Just breathe and book your flight to paradise.

Your Benevolent Friend