Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) fork in ~ 8 hours (November 24) ratio 1:10

What is Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond is a friendly dividend hard-fork of Bitcoin that is scheduled to happen at block #495,866 (around November 24, 2017, approximately 8 hours from now). QoinPro will support this new asset under the symbol BCD.
In the previous newsletter we forgot to metion the ratio is 1:10. For every 1 BTC you have, you will receive 10 BCD!

The focus of the coin is on privacy, fast transaction time and cheaper transaction costs. More information can be found on their website at:
Other Asset Names
Other wallets / exchanges might refer to this fork/asset as BTCD, however this is a coin called BitcoinDark already using this symbol. We will use BCD for Bitcoin Diamond.
When should I deposit the Bitcoin?
As soon as possible, and no later than bock #495,866 (November 24, 2017). BCD claims are all handled at the same time on November 25, 2017. 
There is no minimum and there is no maximum. However, if you are going to deposit more than 10 BTC, please let us know in advance.
How much does Bitcoin Diamond cost?
Obtaining Bitcoin Diamond through a Bitcoin based claim is free-of-charge, simply deposit your Bitcoin. For example if you have 2.7 Bitcoin before the fork, you will have 2.7 Bitcoin and 27 Bitcoin Diamond after the fork. That’s right, the ratio is 1:10
When are claims processed?
November 25, 2017, within 24 hours after the fork.

How can I claim my Bitcoin Diamond
When the fork happens, simply make sure you have the BTC in your QoinPro Bitcoin wallet before block #495,866 (November 24). You don’t have to do anything else, we will automatically credit your BCD wallet after the fork, on November 25.
If you have 2.7 Bitcoin before the fork, you will have 2.7 Bitcoin and 27 Bitcoin Diamond after the fork. That’s right the ratio is 1:10
When can I withdraw my BTC and BCD?
Withdrawing Bitcoin will be possible from 1 day after the fork (~November 26, 2017), Bitcoin Diamond can be withdrawn as soon as the BCD team has released a wallet with replay protection.
What is the minimum or maximum I can deposit/claim?
There is no minimum or maximum amount you can deposit. However if you deposit more than 10 BTC equivalent, please let us know in advance.

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