Meet Rishab Garg

Rishab Garg

Being very good in academics achieved a Blue Blazer, Blue Tie and then in the last the Gold Medal for securing more than 80% consecutively from 2003–2012. Also secured AIR 1 in NSTSE in Maths. I have been a Math geek since childhood and always solved sums of R. D. Sharma before hand. Wanted to be a Math expert someday and bring a change in the people around me and inspire them to fall in love with maths.


Also, apart from academics was very active in co-curricular activities like Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Squash, Lawn Tennis etc.. I have also achieved Rank 1 in badminton for the RSS club. Also, took part in drama competition and secured gold in it. Coming in 11th I was only concentrated towards cracking JEE(though before that I didn’t know what it was). Hence, prepared a lot for IITJEE and got admission into JIIT(Junior IIT). Getting into JIIT got me into various things as participating in various clubs and a part of an organization too named as LEO CLUB DELHI VEG. Arranged many events outside the college. I was very much into social service also through this club.

I was a part of many event organizing committees and also volunteered in many events in and around Delhi-NCR. Always been a DELHITE and wanting to work more apart from studies was my only aim during my college engineering days. Great on logic but weak on coding were the days of my engineering. Talking of engineering I have done engineering in Computer Science and have not been so keen on coding stuff still managed to secure a CGPA of 8.0. Interning was a common aspect for me and had done an internship in a Startup named Edu4sure. Also, love to solve logical puzzles and do math anytime at any given point in time.
Always been more into volunteering stuff. Some being:-
1. BRICS Associate
2. PETFED organisation
3. IHAAT DELHI festival
4. Grinfo Internship
5. Great Indian Food Festival
6. Teamcore committee
7. Social Media manager of Grapevine
8. Treasurer of Leo Club Delhi Veg 
and much more…

At Planet Spark I like to be developed as a Business Developer and also an entrepreneur where I would learn various things and get a whole lot of experience in the same field as it was my passion to bring a change in the education industry especially Mathematics. Making children fall in love with learning is the sole aim of Planet Spark. After the call of Neha, I was interested to be a part of this company where I could grow and learn.
Working in Planet Spark with the teachers and the Students and see them achieve something in the near future motivates me to work more and more and make a society where no student is left uneducated.

Also, apart from this, watching the homeworkers, making most of their time by working from home with Planet Spark gives me immense pleasure. I have seen many examples where the homeworkers couldn’t “go out” because of personal and home issues.

Today, I think there is a lot of scope of improvement in the women job industry and this being just a step forward towards it. Living in a country like India and facing all the difficulties for women is not easy at all. In Planet Spark, I have seen many women dropping-out of job because of their husband telling them not to worry about work because he is earning enough. I believe Planet Spark is helping those women gain confidence and boost morale by providing a platform where they can work from home, as it’s not just about making money.

I have learnt a lot in here while fulfilling many personal and professional achievements. I see Planet Spark in the near future to be in minds of each and every individual of not just Delhi-NCR, but throughout India;

Sparking the joy of Learning in kids

and also creating awareness in women about how capable they are and can work better than men!

Planet Spark Team

— Rishab