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1. Why is a contract needed to protect the interests of “We the People”?

We need a contract to protect us from the government.

The government has the power to pass laws and repeal them. If we put a plan in place that solves America’s retirement, health care, and debt funding problems, we must protect it with a contract. Otherwise, the government could come in and repeal the whole plan.

A contract is a legal agreement that has penalties for violating the terms of what each side has promised to live up to.

A contract will be long-lasting if it is of benefit to everyone concerned. So let’s look at the three parties involved:

  1. “We the People” — represented by the For America Security Trust (FAST)

“We the People”

Benefits (what do “We the People” get out of the deal)

  • America will have a retirement and health care trust (FAST) that is independently funded not depending on the government or the politicians.

Costs (What do “We the People” have to give up?)

  • Zero — Nada — Nothing!

“We the People” reaction to the deal —

So, what’s not to like? All pluses and no minuses, massive job creation, a federal government moving toward fiscal responsibility instead of bankruptcy, tax reduction, secure and increased retirement and health care benefits, and no longer having to live in fear that everything is going to collapse in financial ruin. Give us the contract, we’ll gladly sign!

“Uncle Sam”

Benefits (what does Uncle Sam get out of the deal)

  • Being relieved of an estimated $120 trillion of what are called unfunded liabilities — this is the amount of money that will be needed to pay for all of the promised benefits from Social Security and Medicare.

Costs (what does Uncle Sam have to contribute to the deal)

  • The Federal Government must allow any and all citizens that want to opt out of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare and join the FAST to do so.

“Uncle Sam’s” reaction to the deal —

WOW! What a deal? Where do I sign? This is better than buying Manhattan Island for $24, or buying the state of Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million! I get to escape the consequences for the sins that the politicians have committed through the years. Yahoo!

“The Statesman”

Benefits (What does “The Statesman” get out of the deal?)

  • Each state would be relieved of most of its Medicaid obligations (except for the small number of people that may not choose to join the FAST) which makes up about 17% of its total budget.

Costs (what does “The Statesman” have to contribute to the deal)

  • The loss of tax revenues (for states that have an income tax) on the FAST contributions representing 7.65% of earned income up to the $137,700 cap.

“The Statesman’s” reaction to the deal —

This is a great deal! Where do I sign? The Medicaid costs and the unfunded liabilities have put some of our states in danger of bankruptcy. This deal offers us a painless way out. Count me in!

2. What are the terms of the contract between the For America Security Trust (FAST) and the individual participants?

The FAST commits to provide the following to the individual participants:

To take in all participant contributions and invest the money into an all U.S. equities (stock) fund similar to a total market index fund.

To provide a guarantee of a compounded 4% rate of return on all participant investment accounts, and, upon retirement, pay out a minimum 4% of that amount annually.

To provide the stock market’s actual annual return less 2% for the FAST charge for delivering:

  • the administration of the plan,

To provide access to insurance companies that offer high-quality, comprehensive health insurance to all FAST participants.

  • Pre-existing conditions will be covered at standard rates.

To provide tax benefits to the participants through the terms of the contract that the FAST would have with the Federal Government and the 50 States.

  • All retirement contributions made by the participants will be 100% tax deductible.

What do the participants have to do to comply with our part of the contract?

  • First, you have to opt out (withdraw) from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare and join the FAST.

3. Why would Plan For America (PFA) appeal to liberal Americans?

Plan For America (PFA) would appeal to liberal Americans for the following reasons:

  • PFA provides for comprehensive health care insurance for every U.S. citizen with no pre-existing condition exclusion and no ultimate cap on the benefits.

4. Why would Plan For America (PFA) appeal to conservative and libertarian Americans?

Plan For America (PFA) would appeal to conservative and libertarian Americans for the following reasons:

  • PFA incorporates tax reduction as part of the strategy. The payroll tax is eliminated, corporate dividends become tax free as well as being tax deductible to the corporation, and the retirement benefit cash flow is income tax free and estate tax free when it passes to the participant’s heirs.

5. How reasonable is the 2% charge from the For America Security Trust (FAST) for what it provides, and is it a good investment for “We the People?”

For what the FAST provides, a 2% charge is extremely reasonable and it is an excellent investment. The following are the benefits for the FAST participant:

  • All contributions to the FAST are 100% tax deductible.

Contributions to the FAST are an excellent investment. Any investor would love to have the opportunity to have an investment that:

  • Is tax deductible and pays out tax free.

6. Why would employers pay the 7.65% that is being paid as their share of the current payroll taxes to the employees if the employees enrolled in the For America Security Trust (FAST) and payroll taxes were no longer required?

The employers would in almost all cases increase the employees’ pay by the 7.65% that they would save by not having to pay the payroll taxes because:

  • If an employee did not opt into the FAST and out of Social Security and Medicare, then the employer would still have to pay the government the 7.65%.

7. What actions could be taken to initiate Plan For America (PFA)?

One way to initiate Plan For America could be:

  • Have Congress pass a bill (signed by the President into law) authorizing the Federal Court to appoint a Receiver for the For America Security Trust (FAST).

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