Things to Know before Considering Dental Implant

The dental implant, generally fabricated out of titanium, is considered as a safe and well-proven effectual replacement treatment applied for the tooth root. It is fixed inside the jawbone and blends with the natural bone after a certain period. This dental implant structures the sturdiest and stable replacement for teeth. A variety of dental implants are available, let’s have a glimpse on them-

Dental Implants in India

Types of Dental implant Surgery

  • An Endosteal implant is fixed in the jawbone and generally looks like cylinders, small screws or plates. They are one of the most common types of dental implant. 
    • Next, have a look on Subperiosteal implant that is fixed beneath the gum and above the jawbone. This sort of implants can be used for patients who have a shallow jawbone and don’t want to go under the knife for reshaping it. In both of these procedures, the implant remains uncovered and small connector named as healing abutment is connected to the implant that attaches it to the mouth above the gum. With time, the gum tissue heals in and around the teeth. Dental implants are also available in several heights, size such as narrow, and standard. After consulting with the patient, a surgeon can determine the right form of dental implants in India for him based on the teeth.
    • Single tooth replacements — just like the name suggests it can support one crown. 
    • Multiple tooth replacements –a manifold of missing teeth can be replaced with multiple implants underneath the fixed bridgework. 
    • Besides this surgeons practice another dental implant procedure that is a combination of removable and fixed bridgework. Usually, here implants are utilized for reinforcing a part of fixed bridgework and to this section, a removable part is attached.

Does Dental Implant have any negative impact?

The titanium is a biocompatible material that doesn’t have any harmful effect on the body and serves as a sturdy and strong base for the implanted teeth. Through the osseo-integration process, the natural bone structure eventually locks the implants into its place by blending to it and attaching itself to the implant. Thus, the replacement teeth don’t face any obstacle to endure daily use and does not work as an impediment to the natural functionalities of teeth. Our body stem doesn’t react to it considering a foreign particle.

Dental implant surgery in India is known to be one of safest procedure that can provide desirable result without further complications. Through this sophisticated surgical procedure, one can hardly find any difference between the look, feel and functionality of replacement teeth and natural teeth. Besides, it is the only reconstructive surgery where the natural bone is fused underneath the missing tooth.

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