5 Best Grooming Tips to help you to Look Fresh During Holiday Travel

Vacations are really an energizing time for everyone, due to the loads of good food, relaxation and enjoyable company of loved ones. However, before you get to the fun and frolic at your favorite holiday spot, there is one particular hurdle you need to tide over: long hours of travel which reflect poorly on your skin and hair.

No matter the way you create the particular journey — car or even aircraft, tour bus or even train — holiday travelling is invariably likely to take a good deal away from you. Late-night transfers leave you with dark circles, pressurized cabins with dry skin, it’s nearly almost like the world wants you to look your worst by the time you ultimately greet your loved ones. To overcome these, we’ve put together several of our finest long-haul grooming suggestions here. So that you can manage to look well groomed, even though the travel eventually does leave you lacking.

  • Take care of your Eyes
    The very first sign that any person is going to observe, which is an instant give away of your travelare your eyes. That’s because the skin around them is thinner, and more prone to showing stress, than any other part of your body. Therefore before you see anyone, be sure to apply some kind of under eyes creams that restores moisture to the skin and leaves you looking refreshed. While on board you can keep aside cucumber slices from your salad and place them on your eyes when napping.
  • Maintain Proper Skin Moisture

Your skin becomes dry while traveling due to cabin pressure or lack of fresh air. So always try to keep your skin well hydrated. Apply moisturizer 2–3 times. Also, keep a lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Remember to drink a lot of water and avoid aerated drinks which dehydrate.

  • Minimize your liquid products
    Replace liquid grooming materials with solid ones wherever possible. That means using things like pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner or lipstick instead of lip gloss. Many international airports have restrictions on carrying liquids and you may have to throw your products in such situations.
  • Go For Disposable

While you are headed across the country, try to avoid wasting money and space over full sized bottle products. Instead invest in good travel sized products if you can find them.This way you carry less weight and once used you can throw them away, thereby creating more space for bringing back your gifts and shopping items.

  • Get a Haircut
    Before you leave, get a good haircut. This will make your hair easier to maintain while travelling. If you’re going for an extended trip, consider a short, low-maintenance cut that will look good with minimum care.

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