Keto Plans

Pumpkin Seed Muffins

Makes 1 muffin

Pumpkin seeds are a surprising ingredient in this muffin! You can find pumpkin seeds, sometimes labeled pepitas, in the international food isle in grocery stores. These are not the same variety as pumpkin seeds from jack-o-lantern pumpkins; they have a green color and a skinny, oblong shape.

11 g egg whites, whipped into stiff peaks

6g pumpkin seeds, dried, ground into “flour”

5g mayonnaise, Hellmann’s

5g coconut oil, melted

3g calorie-free sweetener, Truvia

0.1 g baking powder

4g European-style butter, room temperature for serving

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Fold the pumpkin seeds, mayonnaise, coconut oil, Truvia, and baking powder into the egg whites. Mix well to combine and pour the mixture into a silicone baking cup. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until the muffin is cooked thoroughly.



Veggies and Dip

A simple combination of mayonnaise and cream cheese make a great tasting dip for serving veggies!

14 g mayonnaise, Hellmann’s

12 g cream cheese, Philadelphia brand

14 g jicama, peeled, sliced into sticks

14 g cucumber, peeled, sliced into sticks

10.2 g carrots, peeled, sliced into sticks

5 g radish, sliced into thin rounds

Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Mix the mayonnaise and cream cheese together very well. Place the sliced veggies on a plate to dip into the mayonnaise/cream cheese mixture. Make sure you scrape all of the dip out of the bowl to finish eating the snack.



Vanilla Cupcakes

Makes 1 cupcake

Light and fluffy vanilla cupcakes that taste very similar to the store bought box mixes!

16 g raw egg whites, beaten stiff

10.4 g walnut oil

5g European-style butter, melted

4.2 g coconut flour, Bob’s Red Mill

1.5 g calorie-free sweetener, Truvia

0.2 g baking powder

3–5 drops of vanilla flavor, Bickford

Preheat oven to 350°F. After measuring all ingredients on a gram scale, carefully fold the oil, melted butter, coconut flour, Truvia™, baking powder, and vanilla flavor into the egg whites. You do not want to deflate the egg whites; this is what gives the cupcake its fluffy texture. Pour the batter into a silicone cupcake liner and bake for about 15 minutes or until cooked thoroughly.

Notes: Replace some of the oil with sweetened, flavored whipped cream, butter or whipped vegetable shortening as a frosting if desired.



Cheese-Filled Olives

The creaminess of the goat cheese or Chevre cuts the sharp, briny flavor of the olives nicely. This snack has a very sophisticated taste and appearance!

30 g green olives, bottled

13.4 g goat cheese

7g olive oil

Optional: salt/pepper, pinch of cayenne pepper

After measuring all ingredients on a gram scale, slice the olives in half lengthwise. Spread a small amount of the cheese on the top of each half. Drizzle the olive oil over the cheese and olives and then sprinkle with the optional ingredients.