7 Questions to Ask Yourself when Choosing A College

It’s decision time. Most students have decided where they are going to college, but there are those who are biting their nails as time winds down.

Each day I speak to another confused student: should he pick the school that has the better curriculum or the one where he feels more comfortable socially? The one with the better dorms or the one with the better science labs?

There are hundreds of points of comparison between institutions; sometimes it helps to compare colleges and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are some questions to ask to help you pick the right school:

1. Curriculum: Does the school have the course of study you might want? If so, do they have enough other options should you change your mind? Have you been sure to look at the requirements? (Often students fail to do this and are surprised that they need a lab science or two semesters of a foreign language.)

2.Financial: Can the family afford the cost of the school for four years? Are any scholarships dependent upon keeping a certain grade point average?

3.Location: Can you live with the setting? If the school is in a city does it provide the campus you may want, and if it’s suburban or rural, are you comfortable in that setting?

4.Advising: Does the school have an advising department or a program for advising? You might want to call and ask who will help you to pick your courses and make sure there is someone to answer your academic questions.

5.Expectations: Are you realistic in your expectations for the school? Are you clear on the number of students that will be in your freshman classes? Can you learn in a larger setting? Are you going to college for the right reasons: to learn?

6.Level of Rigor: Are you willing to put in the time needed to do well at any school, especially the one you’ve chosen?

7.Independence: As silly as this sounds, are you ready to go? Do you take care of your own academic problems, get yourself up and out the door and make your own plans?

Keep these questions in mind as you get ready to make your final college decision!

Originally published at www.planthepathblog.com.