Congratulations to our competition winner — Alice!

OK, Alice had a bit of a problem with an ugly garden ‘shed’….

Now clearly we aren’t going to be able to hide a shed quite this big…. so the trick is was make this border as interesting as possible. Alice wanted a really pretty, cottage style, easy care, low maintenance, football friendly that was a magnet for bees and butterflies and that also hid the shed….!

OK, it took a few stiff cups of tea and several chocolate hobnobs to get this one thought through.

and this was the result, shown here with summer and spring planting.

how to ‘hide’ an ugly shed …
… add something pretty instead

and do you know the absolute best bit…. every plant we have used is scented and every flower or bulb is also great for the Bees and Butterflies


So if we can hide this beastie of a shed…. just imagine how much fun we could have designing your garden!

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