5 Affordable Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Everyone

It’s always nice to have some pieces of fitness equipment at home even when you are a regular at the gym. If you don’t have much budget, these are the must-haves pieces you can’t miss.

Two of the most common reasons people give for not working out are time and money.

While both of them are valid, there are ways you can still make it despite them. When it comes to time, some planning always helps.

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Yes, it might mean that you will not go out every single weekend or that you might miss a TV program or two. But remember we are doing it for your health. It’s not just for luxury.

Your friends will still be your friends even if you can’t make it to all meetings.

On the other hand, your real friends will be proud of your commitment to yourself and well-being. And if they think you don’t like them anymore because you are taking more care of yourself, they were never your friends to start with.

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Money is another reason, and we know many times it’s not just an excuse.

Whether it’s just a new pair of shoes or a gym, you’ll need some investment to get started.

I’m not here to tell you what you should be doing with your money, but with some creativity, you can still get your training done without spending a fortune.

Before anything, do consult your health care provider to understand what sports and exercises you can and cannot do.

If you are not going to join a running group, a gym or follow some classes, I highly recommend hiring a Personal Trainer.

PTs offer a wide varied of services, at your own pace, including at home or working place.

Different professionals offer different solutions, and you will surely find the perfect one for you. Just ask!

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Whichever method you choose to get your body moving, it’s always nice to have some fitness equipment at home. They can be used when:

  • you need an extra stretch session
  • the weather doesn’t allow you leave home
  • you’re running out of time
  • you didn’t make it to your class
“Nothing will work unless you do.” - John Wooden

I have already shared my top 5 fitness toys, but today I want to share other 5 items spice up your list a little bit:

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Swiss ball
  3. Bands
  4. Lacrosse balls
  5. The Stick

1. Yoga mat

Even though it’s not like you can’t do yoga unless you have a mat, I’d still invest on one. If yoga is not your cup of tea, you can still use for your stretching exercises.

Instead of pressing your hands and knees on the floor, which can be painful, use a mat. Also, you will not be sweating on the floor either (no slippery floor).

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2. Swiss ball

You can use a Swiss ball for stretching as well as for strength training. It’s a great addition to a beginners set. If you don’t have much room for it, you can use to sit down (taking a break from the chair) or place your feet on it to stimulate blood circulation.

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Build realistic habits and set yourself to success. Download the FREE morning routine checklist today!

3. Bands

I have bands in all shapes and colors. I used them for stretching, yoga and exercising in general. They don’t take much place and are an excellent alternative for weights.

Resistance Bands are affordable pieces of fitness equipment.

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4. Lacrosse balls

Excellent mobility allies, lacrosse balls are very accessible and can be used in many different ways. I especially like to use them for back and shoulders.

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5. The Stick

Whether you are a CrossFit athlete or a runner, you will love the Stick. I have the travel version that is smaller and fits anywhere. With it, I like to massage the calves and quadriceps.

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To start exercising at home, you don't need to buy every single equipment on the market. With these 5 pieces, you can get in shape and prevent injuries.

The price of these items vary depending on the brand you’re buying. You can find different options on the market. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget better.

What is your favorite fitness equipment at the moment?
5 Affordable Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Everyone.

Originally published at Debbie Rodrigues.