How Stress Gets In The Way Of Productivity

Stress kills productivity in various ways. Let’s have a look at some important aspects of it to solve them.

That stress kills productivity you already knew for sure.

Let’s talk about resolutions and new plans in general, for instance.

You make the decision to start something new in your life. It can be:

  • physical activity
  • diet
  • change career

You mindfully look for the best people to help you out and learn the basics to get started.

Instead of just taking on more responsibility than you can handle, you make sure you have enough time throughout your week for your old and new tasks.

In short, you do your homework and know exactly what needs to be done and the way it has to be done.

The D-Day comes close.

Whether it’s January 1st or any other day of the year you decide to get started, it makes no difference.

You are ready to rumble!

But while you have done your preparation right and everything is in place, it’s all theory.

Chances are you forgot a tiny but crucial detail: stress!

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We talk a lot about stress caused by unpleasant things, people and situations like:

  • The loss of your job.
  • An unexpected expense.
  • The diagnose of a health condition.
  • Some annoying visitor.

However, stress isn’t triggered only by negative occasions.

Ask a bride if she’s stressed on the day of her wedding.

While it’s the happiest moment of her life, the pressure is huge.

Other examples are:

  • vacation
  • birth
  • promotion

Stress comes and, depending on how the circumstances affect you, it may kill your efficiency efforts.

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How stress kills productivity

Take a couple of minutes to reflect on your day:

  • Are you unable to fulfill all your appointments?
  • Does your to-do list cause you anxiety?
  • Are you constantly busy but accomplish little?
  • Do you find it difficult to make decisions?
  • Is there a project or activity that has been keeping you awake at night?

If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, it’s time to evaluate if stress is the trigger.

Craig Jarrow from Time Management Ninja points out 7 ways in which stress is bad for productivity:

  1. Drains your energy.
  2. Impacts your focus.
  3. Wastes your time.
  4. Causes interruptions.
  5. Decreases your creativity.
  6. Affects your personality.
  7. Impairs your judgement.

On top of all the health concerns about stress, productivity is another important reason why you shouldn’t overlook it.

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” - William S. Burroughs

What to do when stress is killing your productivity

There’s no standard solution when it comes to managing stress.

A lot depends on things such as:

  • triggers
  • previous experiences
  • environment

That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to understand your case.

I chose to tackle stress as a productivity killer first because it may take you longer to fully understand how it affects you.

Not all symptons are obvious and you may struggle with finding a solution for your specific situation.

Becoming aware of the ways stress kills productivity is a start, though.

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Stress kills productivity in various ways. Let’s have a look at some important aspects about it to solve them.

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