How To Stop Hitting The Snooze Button For An Efficient Day

Stop hitting the snooze button with these 5 ways and start boosting your productivity without feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s be sincere: why do you hit the snooze button?

It’s not because you like listening to your alarm ring over and over again, is it?

“No way!”

You do it because when the alarm rings for the first time you don’t feel motivated or you’re too tired to get up.

The extra couple of minutes in bed feel like the best solution when you wake up feeling fuzzy.

After all, you’ll get the extra sleep you need to improve your productivity, right?


While it seems that you’re going for a power nap that will help you boost your efficiency throughout the day, it’s not true.

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Why you must stop hitting the snooze button

Hitting the snooze button isn’t only bad for your productivity, but also for your brain.

Some side-effects are:

  • It takes longer to remember information.
  • You have a hard time to stay engaged in meetings.
  • You find it difficult to come up with new ideas.
  • Your response to stress is affected.

While you might find it hard to it cold turkey, I have some tips that will help you get there.

How to stop hitting snooze

Let’s check 5 ways you can apply to stop hitting the snooze button once and for all.

Learn how to stop hitting snooze in 5 ways.


The easiest and most recommended solution is to get enough sleep.

I know I already talked about it last week, but I just can’t stress it enough.

We need sleep not only to become more productive but also to:

  • Grow muscle
  • Repair tissue
  • Synthesize hormones

Our body needs the daily break to restore and rejuvenate. And our brain takes advantage of it too.

Develop a pattern

Going to bed and getting up at a different hour every day messes up with your sleep.

Instead, build a routine.

It’ll help you stay consistent with the amount of sleep and support body functions.

Having one day or two in the week when you sleep in or stay up late isn’t ideal. Yet, having some pattern is better than nothing.

Choose your alarm

Since for most of us humans, me inclusive, having an alarm clock isn’t optional, make it as enjoyable as you can.

Instead of a loud alarm that almost throws you out bed goes for something more relaxing.

There are various alarm clock apps available on the market. They make waking up a pleasant experience.

Whether you use a light timer alarm clock or an alarm that increases its volume slowly, they’re better choices than any stressing sound.

Have a reason to wake up

Chances are you have classes to attend, work to do, or kids to feed.

These are indeed reasons to get out bed.

But what I mean here is having real motivation to start your day.

Have a goal you want to accomplish before sleep time:

  • workout
  • a project
  • me-time

Anything that will help you leave bed with inspiration.

Take your time outside the bed

There’s a difference between getting up and waking up.

You wake up when the alarm rings, but your day only starts the moment you get out of bed.

Hitting the snooze button postpones the start of your day. It forces you to wake up various times anyways.

Instead of delaying things in bed, give yourself a break by doing things at a comfortable speed, without rushing.

Check these morning routine tips to set a healthy pace for your day.

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Stop hitting the snooze button with these 5 ways and start boosting your productivity without feeling overwhelmed.

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