Team 2- Passive Reconnaissance

Chris Plasch | Cole Knights | Henry Martinez

  • To obtain as much public information as possible using OSINT tools for collection and analysis for use as a possible attack vector
  • To present the OSINT tools used, and the manner in which we used them to collect our data
  • To compare and contrast public company profiles presented on the internet with the expectation of one being more secure than the other based on industry
  • To not only find expected data as stated in the MVP, but unexpected data as well, including personally identifiable information such as usernames, passwords, customer data, confidential product information, vulnerabilities found, etc.
  • To summarize findings on a final report, containing raw data discovered using OSINT tools, and to draw conclusions from the data gathered and present findings. Were our expectations met or not? What was surprising?



Dunkin Donuts


Lockheed Martin- Extraordinary Findings

An initial search on Lockheed Martin’s website for employees’ company information (name, title, email address, phone number) was limited. On their “Contact Us” webpage there is a note that states “Due to personal privacy and security issues, we cannot provide information about specific individuals at Lockheed Martin, including email addresses and telephone numbers.”

Dunkin Donuts- Extraordinary Findings

For Dunkin Donuts, we first started with looking up the information on the company by utilizing the website Netcraft.com. By using the website we found the given IP address of www.dunkindonuts.com, which is

  • Security awareness training for employees
  • Regular security audits of systems and people
  • Hire red-team professionals to conduct systems and facilities breach simulations.
  • Employ data encryption and secure protocols in all communications.



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